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January 29, 2007

Wind Terms

I've read from an article of Joel P. Mallari that Kapampangans, usually the fishing folks, had indigenous wisdom and terms for winds, depending on the directions that they blow from. Being a fan of the Greek mythology names for the winds (Zephyrus, Eurus, Notus, Boreas), I'm delighted to add the following in my native vocabulary:

Amian / Balas

This is the wind from the north direction. We can see the resemblance of the term with the Tagalog term for northeast wind, amihan.

Abagat / Timug

This is the southern wind. We can see the resemblance of the term with the Tagalog term for southwest monsoon, habagat.

Amiang Ibat-aldo

This is the wind that hails from aslagan which is the east direction. The Kapampangan word aslag is a verb, which means 'to shine brightly.' It is a favorite word among Kapampangans for some strange reason. Probably because of its poetic positive outlook. If you pass by Dau, you'd see a business establishment named Aslag Internet Cafe, with a sun as its logo. In the tourism song Malaus Ka Pampanga, we'll hear the words Pangaslag ning aldo at the start of the song, meaning "When the sun rises." While the word is often used with regard to the sun, it is also used figuratively to describe something grand or full of hope, e.g., Saslag ya lupa patse matula ya.


This wind, of course, comes from the opposite of aslagan -- albugan (west). Banaklaut is the Kapampangan zephyr (west wind). Albug is a water term (early Kapampangans being river people) which means to submerge, or to go underwater. The sun appears to go underwater during sunset, so I presume that's the reason why such a celestial body makes use of this water word.


The Greek God Aeolus didn't bear a child that would represent the southwest wind. This is the Kapampangan name for the wind that hails from the southwest direction.


And lastly, this is the wind that whistles from the northeast direction.

A date to remember:
February 10, 2007 - Arti Sta. Rita's new musical,
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