Alben meng manyaman, boy!

May 29, 2007

Make Kapampangan comics/graphic novels!

Made this a few days back.

I wish to delve into independent publishing today. I also hope that Pampanga, which is -- believe me -- home to a lot of craftsmen and visual artists would give birth to an industry related to it.

I envy the independent comic industry of Japan. Every teenager seems to know how to draw and write, which is a great contribution in reflecting, preserving, and promoting an ethnic group's culture. In case one artist specializes in drawing/comic layouting and the other specializes in story development and writing, the two artists often collaborate to produce material.

In the Philippines, almost all independent publishers and young comic book artists I know hail from Manila (or at least, come from provinces but have fled to Manila), and not even they are already that blooming and appreciated in their chosen field.

Anyway, the picture I uploaded is my own [amateur] work. He is one of the characters I am designing for my dream comic book story, KÁLAM, which I am slowly developing alongside my visual art capabilities. It is an action-fantasy story set in a modified "Kapangpangan" land. Stuff are inspired by Kapampangan lore, mythology, and culture (Apung Sinukuan and Apung Namalyari are the highest characters).

Check out for info about it and my other digital works.


eyron said...

apansinan ku mu. aliua ata ing spelling na ning 'barangge' keni kumpara ketang deviantart site. hehehe

Jason Paul Laxamana said...

ustu ya ing keng deviantart. apansinan cu ya naman inya elilan ke, hehe.