Alben meng manyaman, boy!

November 6, 2007

Our Trip to Pampanga Bay in Masantol

Ecotourism, also known as ecological tourism, is a form of tourism that appeals to the ecologically and socially conscious as well as to nature seekers. Generally speaking, ecotourism focuses on local culture, wilderness adventures, volunteering, personal growth, and learning new ways to live on the planet; typically involving travel to destinations where flora, fauna, and cultural heritage are the primary attractions. Sustainable development needs to social, economic and environmental needs all together to occur. (Wikipedia)

Last Friday, I, together with Mike Pangilinan (Kapampangan researcher and former TV Patrol Pampanga news anchor), Sonny Dobles of the Advocacy for the Development of Central Luzon (ADCL), his son Diego, a member of the RocKapampangan band Asthma, and Bajun Lacap, Vice Mayor of Masantol, went to Masantol to donate some plants.

Then we took a look at the Pampanga Bay, which, if you read my 19 October entry, is a potential ecotourism spot for Pampanga.

Before I've seen Pampanga Bay and its neglected Kabakawan (Mangrove forest; bakawan - mangrove; bako - duck-like birds), I thought Pampanga didn't have anything to offer as regards ecotourism.

Having a friend from Palawan who says Palawan's main offering is its ecotourism, I thought one day: does Pampanga have a natural sanctuary (aside from Mt. Arayat) which can boost Central Luzon's ecotourism?

Seeing the Kabakawan along Pampanga Bay, the place can indeed attract nature-lovers and bird-watchers, and can be developed into a beach for summer outings.

One of these days, we will return to plant more!


eyron said...

ninu itang istatua ketang laot?

A_Glimpse_Of_Pinpin said...

Have you seen any mongroves left? Someday sana tin ding tour packages routing the natural wonders of Pampanga River. I like this post sana adagdagan mu la ding litratu para lalu lang dakal ding magkainterest.

Anonymous said...

eyron: i Rizal ita.

a glimpse of pinpin, wa atin pang mangroves a mitagan, oneng ditak na la mu talaga.

ibat ku meeting nabengi king ADCL (advocacy for the devt of central luzon) at dakal planu para king Pampanga Bay!

Ngeni e ya pa makaying viable for tourism ing Pampanga Bay uli ning kapaburen, inya pin magpulung kami para pisabian nung nanu dapat ing daptan.

randell said...

sana weekend ing tree-planting yu at pwede ku. tuki ku!!! :D

Anonymous said...

makananu pa lang pupunta king pampanga bay? atin bang pampasaherong jeep/banca? makananu ing ruta?

Jason Paul Laxamana said...

>>> makananu pa lang pupunta king pampanga bay? atin bang pampasaherong jeep/banca? makananu ing ruta?

>>> komplikadu pa. dumalan ka pa mu calumpit, bulacan, bayu ka mipunta. aku rin e ku biasang magcommute pataglus karin, hehe.

updepp student said...

mgral kmi up at mgresearch kmi keng bayan ning masantol.. nnu pa kyang alwang attraction sites aoffer ing masantol? maliban keng pamp. river.. tsaka nnu kyang masanting na improvements ing gawan karin para mas puntalan de ding tau? hmm. thanks..

namron29 said...

atin palang pampanga bay ne.. blaku pampanga river yamu.. salt water ya ba ita o fresh water? pwede tuki mag tree planting?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Jason Paul L.Hingi po sana ako ng permission na magamit ang photos nyo dito sa blog about Pampanga bay. Include ko sana ito sa isang coastal report sa school. thanks in advance! (Jayvee C. -BS Civil Eng'g, UP Diliman)

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