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December 14, 2007

Kayanakan, learn how to write in Kapampangan

Diego Dobles, current bassist of the Asthma band (Angeles City), has started practicing writing literary works using the Amanung Sisuan! Being a musician, he also is beginning to make new Kapampangan songs.

Hopefully, more young writers from the Kapampangan region would take the initial steps in making new literature that would mirror the current society. It will be hard in the beginning, yes, because there are not a lot of books that would aid you, but you may start by observing your own language, reading Kapampangan texts (search the Internet, you'll find a lot), and getting acquainted with people who know the Kapampangan language more than you do.

To visit Diego's blog, go to (Melyari / Apaninap). To visit mine, go to (Kulang King Yumu).

Also, watch this performance of Atin Ku Pung Singsing, the additional lyrics of which in the end were written by Diego himself.

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