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February 20, 2008

Group, students plant 700 mangrove seedlings in Macabebe

By Raymond C. Garcia

MACABEBE -- Members of a non-government group, along with about 50 students from Asian College for Science and Technology (Acsat), planted 700 mangrove seedlings along the Pampanga River in Barangay Consuelo here last Saturday.

Advocacy for Development of Central Luzon (ADCL) chairman Rene Romero and president Renato Tayag led the activity, as part of the group's environmental thrusts.

"The reason why we tapped students to join us in this advocacy is to awaken them at their early age the importance of caring and protecting our environment," Romero said.

He also said they will continue planting the seedlings in other coastal areas of Masantol, Minalin and Sasmuan, adding that the activity is in line with the group's project of developing the area into an eco-tourism spot.

"The mangroves will be of big help for fishermen, they can also act as protection for marine life and since they are plants, they can help in the production of oxygen," he said.

Meanwhile, one the students who participated in the planting said they see group's sincerity in preserving the environment. He said they are seeing the value of what they are doing though most of them suffered cuts in the feet due to rough rocks and other water debris.

Also present during the planting of mangroves were Pampanga Board Members Ricardo Yabut and Nelson Calara who earlier committed to support the ADCL's projects for the progress of the province.

"It is good to see that there are people like Mr. Romero and the ADCL pushing this kind of projects. I personally know how beneficial these mangroves are," said Calara who happen to live in coastal areas during his early childhood days.

For his part, Yabut said he would urge his fellow board members to think of ways on how to protect the environment especially the newly planted mangroves. END.

The photo above shows my wounded feet. I actually took part in this endeavor and I felt like participating in Maleldo with the deep cuts I got from the sharp shells of the talaba at Pampanga Bay!

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Sunrise over Manila as seen from Macabebe.

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