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January 13, 2009

Kamaru Kapampangan short films to be screened?

Two of Brillante Mendoza's internationally acclaimed films will be screened at the Holy Angel University theater in Angeles City. Kaleldo (Summer Heat) will be screened on January 23 while Manoro (The Aeta Teacher) will be on January 31.

I asked Direk Dante and the Holy Angel University whether we could screen our Kapampangan short films as front act to the full-lengths. They agreed! But it's not yet certain. He said he will pick 3-4 short films to screen before his works.

I will be submitting the following for consideration:

If ever these or some of these get picked, they will be screened for the first time in a huge public venue! And as front act to an idol in the film industry. It'd really be an honor. It'd feel kinda like a starting band performing as front act to Eraserheads or something.

I have another Kapampangan short film -- my very first! But I am not very confident in showing it in public because I was still in my learning stage when I did it. Its title is Anak Ning Kapri (Son of the Kapri). How ironic that that film was produced with the highest budget among all of Kamaru's short film productions! Yet, for me, it's the ugliest, hehe.

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