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May 30, 2009

Please save the youth from UNO

By Jason Paul Laxamana
Urban Kamaru
Central Luzon Daily

If you ever pass by Balibago on your way to SM Clark, you certainly will not miss a certain area somewhere along the Pagcor building where a lot of people—most of them teenagers and young adults—are chatting with one another as if they are a newly founded religion. I used to think it was a new branch office of some call center or something opening itself to agent-wannabes; hence, the proliferation of people my age wanting to earn something. That was until a close friend became part of that cult and tried to lure me into its cleverly structured clutches.

Unlimited Network of Opportunities or UNO is the name of the company. To use a no-connotation term, we can say that it's all about MLM or Multi-Level Marketing—a more credible term than “networking” or worse, “pyramid scam.” When my friend was trying to introduce UNO to me, I at once asked if he's trying to recruit me in a networking company.

Bad college experience

I certainly had my inhibitions, because back in college, my fellow boarders and I were recruited by the son of our landlady to Legacy, which all also claimed to do Multi-Level Marketing business. We were taken to a confident adult who oriented us about how huge amounts of money could come to our grasps by merely investing Php14,000 and inviting others to do the same. The way the whole thing was presented was so believable and overwhelming, such that my big brother and I weren't able to sleep because we were so overjoyed, thinking “This is it! We're going to be filthy rich!”

My mother was KJ then though. When we excitedly told her about the financial opportunity, she quickly aired her protest and told us it was just one of those pyramid scams. Of course, we were offended. We argued back and harshly told her that she was close-minded, and she would definitely fail in life financially by being the skeptic that she was. No matter how hard we fought for it, my mother wouldn't lend us Php14,000.

Our co-boarders had some money though. They decided to volt in their money—seven thousand from one person, and the rest from the other person—so they were able to invest the required Php14,000. They began recruiting various people like their classmates and org-mates in UP Diliman, their high school batchmates, and even their relatives. Alas, not one was fazed with the so-called opportunity. After several failures, they gave up. Bye-bye Php14,000.

It was a good thing my mother didn't lend us money when we demanded for it. After a few weeks, the excitement resulting from the hypnotizing sweet-talk of the recruiter faded away and Koya and I came to our senses: it was a difficult job—too difficult for the average person, you'd think it's designed to be that way—disguised as a legal and easy-money business.

How I was reduced from friend to prospect

I admit—I am not in speaking terms with the friend I am talking about just because of this UNO thing. Let's call him Karl.

He used to work in a call center in Clark. One day, he texted me and other friends, begging for us to come to Pagcor. He also begged us to not ask why, because it was something very complicated. The way the message was constructed, I thought he was having some serious problem, probably related to his girlfriend or his family. Unfortunately, I was busy with other matters at that time so I didn't go.

Concerned and curious, I called him (from landline to cellphone) early in the morning to ask what his message was all about. He sounded very desperate, like he was receiving death threats from a certain gang, or he had accidentally killed someone and had no idea what to do. Unable to explain via phone his predicament, he asked if he could stay in my place for the night. “Sige,” I told him.

Before he even came to my place to sleep over, I found out from common friends that he didn't have the problem I was suspecting he had. Instead, he was recruiting people to try MLM because he joined UNO. To focus on MLM, he quit his call center job without informing his parents. Hence, he sleeps over in the houses of different people including me because he couldn't come home at night. Lest he'll be questioned by his parents about his call center resignation.

When Karl arrived in my place, we were trying to catch up with each other because it has been a long time since we chatted about our lives. After catching up, I asked him what the thing he texted me before was all about. Before him even answering, I emphasized, “Are you trying to recruit me?”

From the persona of a friend, his face turned vendor-like, and told me, “O di ba, ang sama kaagad ng pumapasok sa isip mo kapag nababanggit ang networking? Pero ito, iba ito. Ako rin noong una, talagang duda ako, pero ni-research ko talaga, pati sa Internet, wala akong mahanap na loophole.”

Karl even went as far as assessing my personality. He first flattered me by telling me I am an extraordinarily smart and creative person, but my weakness, he said, was in business; thus, my failure to earn money despite working very hard. “Kilala kita,” he even said. “May tendency kang mag-claim na alam mo na ang isang bagay, pero ang hinihingi ko lang, makinig ka muna. Isang oras lang naman.”

I was also touched by his sentence of emphasis: “Kaibigan kita; yayayain ba kita dito kung alam kong ikakapahamak mo?”

Yet with all that, he didn't even bother listening to my college experience.

The UNO recruitment experience

Fast forward. Despite setting my mind to “I will never join,” I allowed him to take me to the UNO office in Balibago, where I saw members trying to recruit innocent-looking people—probably their friends, co-workers, classmates, or relatives. I even saw a woman dressed like a teacher orienting what seemed like her students about the mechanics of the business.

Karl then introduced me to a person I met and befriended days before at SM Clark. Let's call him Tim. Back when I first met him, he was this shy-looking but cool teenager who knew a lot of people I knew—bands, DJs, and other people. On that night we encountered each other at SM Clark, we talked about plans in life and the difference of burgers from one burger joint to another (since he claimed to want to establish his own burger restaurant someday). I even told him about my friend Karl and his funny attempts of trying to attract me to MLM. With all the laughter and cigarette-smoking, he was a nice and sensible lad, I thought, and I certainly would want to work with him in future projects (he used to have a band, and I used to produce recorded music).

But when I saw him again at UNO, it was as if he was a different person! He spoke like those salespeople you see in department stores promoting state-of-the-art kitchen knives and convenient-to-use floor mops. He wasn't a shy kid after all. He explained MLM like a Master Showman host, joked around sometimes to not bore us, and confidently claimed that in spite of him being just a mere “tambay,” he was already earning as much as Php5,000 per week. He also showed us the products of their company, including strength-enhancing bio-magnetic bracelets worn by ancient royalties and contemporary celebrities, 8-in-1 coffee that boosted energy, and other healthcare and beauty products.

Tim, with the help of Karl, also showed us an AVP explaining UNO and showing the people who had become instantly rich by joining—people of my age having their own cars, lay people casually withdrawing loads of cash from Union Bank, and segments that tried hard to convince the audience that they were a legal business.

Familiar with what they were talking about, thanks to my college Legacy experience, I entertained my mind by identifying what kind of psychological convincing strategy they are using on me. My favorite was that one that used peer pressure (“Huwag niyong isiping pinagkakakitaan namin kayo; kasi, kahit hindi kayo sumama, sasama at sasama pa rin naman yung iba e; ang gusto lang namin, magtulungan tayo sa pag-pag-asenso”).

Trained parrots

In the middle of Tim's talking, a loud tricycle passed by. Unable to continue talking, he pretended to have a grenade in his hand and pretended to throw it to the noisy vehicle. It was the first time I saw someone to that kind of gesture, and I thought it was a cool way to express hatred to loud-engined automobiles.

Minutes after, another noisy tricycle passed by. I saw another recruiter from afar doing the grenade gesture, too. Listening to other recruiters, I heard them tell their prospects the exact words my friend Karl was telling me that morning—about open-mindedness, about financial success, about researching stuff on the Internet, and all that jazz. All of the recruiters know how to write upside down, too, to make their written lecture readable to the target prospect, who is usually seated opposite him.

I even heard someone else say, “Yayayain ba kita dito kung ikakapahamak mo?” That was when disappointment starting growing in my heart. My friend Karl reduced me into an MLM prospect. All the things he said to me, including his knowledge of my need of money to do my dream cultural projects, were all parrot-speak from his fellow UNO members. I would have preferred it if he just told me directly that if I joined, he will be earning. But no, he even used everything he knew about me as a friend just so he could convince me.

However, I didn't join. UNO members say that in case you join, you have to work hard to be successful. It's the same thing outside the MLM business. I am slowly working my way to reach my goals, and it was quite offending for both Tim and Karl to predict that I'll be a failure. “Maraming Pilipino,” they would say, “kayod ng kayod pero hindi pa rin umaasenso.”

My God! I am only 21 years old. Isn't it too early to determine whether I'm successful in life or not? Other people in the UNO office who gave their testimonials were hopeless people, whose last resort was MLM. I doubt though they were earning as much as what they claimed.

Not-so-obvious richness

If they were so rich, how come their office looks very peasant? How come there's no free snacks for the prospects? Why are recruiters dressed casually? How come there's no big promotional event to make their claims more credible? Why was it that when a beggar approached us, they didn't spare him some coins, just to showcase that they were easily earning, and giving a beggar a hundred pesos was no biggie (I, a non-UNO member, was kind enough to give the beggar five pesos)? Why did Tim not pay for our jeepney fare went we decided to go home from SM Clark if he was earning Php5,000 per week, just to show that he was indeed making money comfortably?

Another friend of mine—let's call him Franz—who is witty in his own way, was recruited on a separate session. He asked Tim and other UNO members if they were confident that if he joined, earning money would be a breeze. With big smiles, they said yes.

Franz then said, “Kung ganoon, pahiramin niyo muna ako ng Php7,000 na pang-invest. Pagkatapos, babayaran ko na lang kapag nakaipon na ako. Madali lang naman makapasok ang pera, hindi ba?”

None of the UNO members wanted to lend money. Or was it because they really didn't have money in the first place?

Save thy souls

With that, I call on people: let's save the youth from this legalized scam. Wanting money to sustain their needs and luxurious desires in a period of tough competition, unemployment, and rising prices, they are the easy preys of UNO. The senior members even go as far as discouraging prospects to tell their parents about it because parents will naturally be skeptical about the whole thing.

“Pero sino bang pakikinggan mo?” they would ask. “Silang mga wala naman talagang karanasan sa MLM, o kaming mga may karanasan talaga dito?”

I am not questioning the legality of the business. It could be legal, fine, but not everything legal is for the good. Why are cigarettes sold in spite of the government acknowledging its danger to the citizens' health? If it's dangerous, why is it not banned in the market?

It's the same thing for UNO. In any case, I think I'm really interested in buying one of those bio-magnetic bracelets. I certainly need it in my strength-draining and pressure-laden line of work. After all, I need to work very hard to become successful, right?

I texted Karl when I got home and told him about my disappointment with his treatment of me as a prospect instead of a friend. I told him that I'll be looking forth to the day when he's already rich with UNO. If he does indeed become rich, I told him I promise to blindly obey his every counsel and burn all the books that serve as my guiding principles in life.


Anonymous said...

atin kung txtm8 ininvite na ko for eb pero ali naman eb ing melyari, ayta megdusa kung 2hours makiramdam karela haha...

Anonymous said...

ininvite ako ng txt mate ng isang chick sa ortigas.. NURSE e.. Engr. ako. try ko lng hahaha...

Un pla pakulo lng ung EB, prospect pla ako sa UNO.

Hindi ako sumali kc na buwisit ako sa mga pinagsasabi ng mga kabataan duon.

Naawa ako sa nurse na un.. may hitsura p nman. Gawin ko syang asawa pde pa basta wag nya lng ako recruit sa uno scam na un! hahaha

Naawa din ako sa mga 13 at 14 yrs old na nkatambay sa labas ng UNO.. nagpupuyat sa gabi pra lng mka recruit cla..

cnincra ni2 ang kinabukasan ng kabataan.. mga ta3 kau!

Tnx to my Knowldege in College and Engineering Economics, hindi ako sumali obivous kc inuuto lng ako!




Allen Yuarata said...

Muntik na rin akong mabiktima nito. I got a blog post about this as well. If you have time, you might want to read my experience. haha.

Skiverz said...

This is the most comprehensive UNO rant I've read so far.

I hope more Filipinos would read about it before it's too late.

p.s. You can read mine too.

Unknown said...

You can really earn in UNO Int'l Corp, I'm a member of it, but earning depends on how you do it. You need to convince, share and explain. There a lot of bad preachings and practices about MLM/Networking business that has been done in recent years and up to now, that damages the credibility of this kind of business. It's really frustrating for people especially who was lured to the business, just because of big income and this and that... I want to give advise to all the people who were able to attend and hear the seminars of MLM companies to always decide on your heart, mind and soul if you really want to join and do the business. Always think 100 times, and make sure that what you decide is really what you want, not because you just did it out of "pakikisama" or "Inggit", or anything else. The system of MLM can really make people rich and have their dreams in fast way, but please be guided that not all people engage in this kind of business are filthy and greedy that will do anything just to have your money. Success in this kind of business requires good attitude, commitment and faith in God. Success is also not measured on how big you earn, or how many cars and houses you have, but it is the outcome of what you did that changes the lives of the people in order to make them better and great individuals to the society. In the end, MLM/Networking is still an opportunity to earn and have your dream, but it can also be not, Because it depends on what you do and what you believe in. PEACE!!!

michico said...

nice post..
here's my blog post about the hidden secrets of UNO

link tayo.


Unknown said...

Guys, about MLM, it is not a scam, kc kung scam sya, bkit sa US there are about 46 MLM companies.. saka regarding the products, discrepancy na ng company yan kung magkano nila ibebenta.. kung ayaw nyo price, eh di try mo muna kung ok ba at effective, pag indi tpos mahal pa, eh di wag, di ba? saka ung ways to earn is just a mechanic on how to do the business and earn, syempre, decision mo pa rin pre kung gus2 mo, kung ayaw mo eh di wag, di ba? ska regarding dun sa sharing after the presentation, ok lang na pakinggan ung mga tao na engage sa business, kung feeling mo binobola ka, eh di magtanung tanung ka, kung di totoo, then just say "No", tpos... pro kung gus2 mo kumita, eh di magresearch at mag aral ka, then try to check kung feasible, tpos magsurvey ka at magprobe, kung indi ok, then ayawan mo na, tpos kung ok, then pagicipan mo at gawin mo.. mahirap kc sa ibang tao, they dont think, they just say what they want to say without prior basis. kya nga naimbento ang research.. gamitin ang produkto at pagaralan ng mabuti ung products, company at marketing plan, then decide.. alam mo pre, bko nagjoin sa UNO, ginawa ko lahat yan, kc dapat ganyan ka magnegosyo, ska ang taong umaasenso, mabilis magicip at umaaksyon, di pro reklamo.. kaya nga maraming mahirap na pilipino, kc pro reklamo sa buhay, walang plano at solusyon..

discrepancy/discretion said...


judging by the way you defend UNO, we already realized you are a member. just some comments:
1. yes, you can really earn sa MLM, pero not like the way you guys present it, you like sugar coating things making them look like a stroll in the park.
2. you shouldn't fool people when trying to recruit them. that is the main reason the MLM industry is so hard to defend. have you ever heard of the law of karma? give respect to get respect. respect other people's opinion and learn when to give up convincing people.
3. almost all MLM companies in the US are scams. ever heard of Amway?
4. when you said na wag sumali just because of pakikisama, you should have addressed that to your fellow members and rephrased it as: "wag manggoyo, wag daanin sa pangongonsensya or sly tactics."
5. discrepancy... google it... i think you meant discretion
6. umasenso ka na ba sa UNO? can you show us proof?
just my two cents.. or 40 cents for making this longer,,,,

Vernon Joseph Go said...

see my post :)

Anonymous said...

hai nku tinitira nnman ang uno... mga wlang pera... none sense na blog...

Anonymous said...

haha, dme tlga negative..
d n dapat pg usapan yan, mdme ng yumaman s UNO, qng ayaw mniwla wag.
Bsta kme yayaman dn..
Loser. =)

UNO sucks! said...

I have friends from a multi-national networking company too, they are pushing very effective Beauty and Wellness products from US and has been receiving awards and honors for 25 years now internationally. However, I opt to keep the name anonymous...hmmm..well..UNO's earning is based on how many people u recruit(MAKES it a PYRAMIDING SCAM!) and their products doesnt undergo a research development, thus makes the product ineffective. UNO only focuses on earning money,and are ignorant what business is for. A business is built to create products which address the specific needs of the consumers and NOT STEALING money from their pockets by falsely claiming they are effective. I have a HUGE doubt that they have a concrete business plan, err, maybe to delude and steal money from people???? Ive seen lots of these UNO people in Ortigas area, so UNPROFESSIONAL and they even show off their money in public! Refine ur manners and act like professionals. RICH peoples dont act that way. A bunch of MORONS! SUCKER!!!!! Beware of those UNO people, never waste any second listening to their seminars and invites. Avoid them if u love ur Life!

UNO sucks! said...

Yes.. yayaman nga kau, pero until kelan?! :D I guess UNO Morons Inc. people havent heard abt Law of Karma until Discrepancy/discretion cited it!

UNO sucks! said...

NICE blog!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Has any UNO member read "MLM-the truth". Actually first sya when you google MLMs. And under "Guide" may 12 test for any MLMs. If any member can answer convincingly, join ako agad. Kasi gusto ko mag join pero pinapasagot sa akin ng parents ko yung 12 test e. Sabi kasi nila ang dami ng dumaan na MLM like Legacy, ForeverLiving & GoldBars pa daw pero ang yumaman lang yung founder by taking advantage of young gullible minds like mine.

Unknown said...


Yes, our products are highly needed and consumable. Our marketing plan is strategically created for network builders, product users and product movers(direct sellers). We have Binary and Unilevel systems.


You can get rebates up to 10th level. You can sponsor unlimited people anywhere and anytime. sa UNO, di mo makukuha ung Unilevel income mo kapag di ka bumili o nagmaintain ng at least 1k sa produkto.. UNO has a lot of Safety Net. Pde ko iexplain to personally.

Re: "Also, ask if the company allows unlimited recruiting of distributors in an area – with no territorial protection or other provisions for preventing market saturation?"

This will not be applicable on MLM, this is used for franchising biz. because on MLM, it's product movement through the use of People Marketing, and the performance of an individual is the success of the product movement, meaning, performance based tyo sa MLM.


Our Products are more on Health and Wellness. It has PREP formula. P-Price, R-Repeat Value, E-Economic Value, and P-Product Quality.

Price - not too cheap and not too expensive, para market mo d2 is class A,B,C.
Repeat Value - our products are highly consumable and commonly used or Basic commodities. mga ginagamit mo na sa pang araw araw, change brand nalang, kaya di na sya gastos.
Economic Value - our products are in demand in the market today. mostly topsellers and some are one of a kind. and our company product lines are expanding every 3 mos. kaya di congested ang market mo kapag direct seller ka.
Product Quality - Product speaks for itself, I assure you, our products are good, importante lang mapaliwanag ng maayos at maturuan kung panu gamitin. Para sulit pera ng kliyente.

Our products are legitimate and existing today. it's not overpriced. and all goes well with the Philippine Laws.


If your a ditributor and focused on direct selling, you get two discounts that you can take advantage of in UNO.

1. Distributor discount - guaranteed 30-40% discount
2. Company promo - Buy1 Take1 promo, you can buy up to 50% discount.

And you get two market lines, Health Supplements and Basic Commodity.

You get to market to this kind of people

Health Supplements - people with health problem, people who are health and beauty conscious and people who don't invest much on health but wants to prevent diseases that may affect productivity.

Basic Commodity - people who are using the product already, people who wants the best and edge against other brands.

In MLM, the more you give time and effort, the more you will received.
Same in UNO. pro at start, you need to do Product Movement, para mas ma enjoy mo ung negosyo, kc kung pair pair lang, medyo mahihirapan ka. kc we are a legitimate MLM, hindi kame pyramiding, We promote Product Movement. And we are the only marketing company na may binary system that has an assurance of Product Movement.

Unknown said...


This depends on the group you are joining with. kc most naman talaga, di to i didisclose, kc this is another investment, pro totoo to lahat, you need to put money on phone/load, travel, samples, etc..
Kelangan mo dito ng pangalaw sa negosyo, syempre lahat naman ng negosyo my investment. And you need to do something about it. Saka like i said, para mas ma enjoy mo, you may want to sell and distribute products, para pandagdag sa puhunan mo.


Our company trainings are all free. Product trainings, Presentation training and Business Seminar for new members are also conducted twice a week, you can also access Online videos that can help you, kahit di ka na magpunta ofis, para mas matipid, and also we have special training that are conducted once a month at sa megamall pa minsan, and 100pesos lang with promo attached, like for example, ngayon my special training kame na kapag umaten ka, pede ka magpurchase ng buy1take1 up to 18k..


Mas mura pa kame sa mga existing products, like for example, Lucida DS glutathione is sold at 1500pesos, 30 capsule at 750mg.. sa amin you get it at 2650pesos, 60 capsule at 700mg, less pa yan pag distributor ka, kapag buy1take1, 50% agad kita mo.


This depends on the group, sa akin, sabi negosyo, i attend the seminar at after, dinescuss sa simple but good business way. they answered all my questions especially sa products, kc i know naman ung nangyari sa ibang MLM. They are explained to me Professionally at walang halong kalokohan at bola.


Time Freedom depends on your start, kung tama ang turo, tama ang bunga, kung tama ang gawa, tama ang sibol.
And to tell you the truth, there ar e 3 types of people in this kind of business, 1. recruiter, and 2. networker 3. Product movers/ users.

Baka ne recruit ka lang, ung ang karaniwang tanung ko sa mga di kumita sa MLM.. Dapat my training at support para naman hindi tyo rekrut lang ng rekrut, kc sayang ang potential ng bawat tao.


Group pa rin to, we are selling our products and business without showing our cheques, pro marami kc hinahanap ung cheques most of the time, kaya no choice but to show.


A lot of people in MLM are tricky talaga, no choice, gus2 nila kumita ng malaki agad, pro on our group, business education is the first priority para naman sulit ung pera ng tao.

Yes, our company and uplines are very supportive, we have daily presentation trainings, trice a week product training, and twice a week business training, and once a month special training, and upline support is daily.

Everything he said on the site is TRUE, ganun talaga, pro hindi naman lahat ng grupo ganyan. Our group may not be the best, but we are much more better and informed. That's it.

Try this as well, ok to!


Unknown said...

Do MLM Companies Collapse Because No More New People Join?

eto nlng, lagay mo sa

YES!uno_SUCKS! said...

Product Quality - Product speaks for itself, I assure you, our products are good, importante lang mapaliwanag ng maayos at maturuan kung panu gamitin. Para sulit pera ng kliyente. >>>>>> cge nga iexplain mo nga ang Research devt ng Glutathione product mo for example? and do u happent to know wat Product Fillers are?

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! defense! defense! =P

Unknown said...

May nakita ka bang produkto sa market na binigay ung buong detalye ng research dev't nila... bobo ka ba, eh di ginawa ung produkto nila.. try to think naman. And i know all about the Product Fillers, and sorry we dont have it, coz our Glutatione is PIPAC APPROVED!!! FYI

Unknown said...
eto ung site nila..

NGO na based sa ateneo na nagchecheck ng mga produkto kung tama ang content.

Anonymous said...

patay ka JpfRostee. la ka nman professional ethics e. pag ganyan ugali mo, dka yayaman! u dnt have to influence everyone here who dont even give a damn about ur MLM/scam or whatever it is. tsk.. stop beating a dead horse coz its plain useless! gawa ka ng blog mo about ur UNO bka may maniwala pa s mga kalokohan mo n yan.

Unknown said...

Sorry ah, kc mukhang napakaprofessional mo, bkit? anu ba ang alam mo? my nasabi ka na bang magandang basis at statement sa blog na to??? Give me a good explanation. On my part, i already did it. I have reasonable statements. at wala rin ko pakialam sayo pre, sasabihin ko gus2 k sabihin coz my statements has basis and it's true. khit di ka sumali ok lang, di namin kawalan, at wag kang magmarunong na parang napakaprofessional mo at alam mo na ang lahat para yumaman at umasenso.

Jason Paul Laxamana said...


"khit di ka sumali ok lang, di namin kawalan"

I think I've heard this a thousand times from UNO recruiters.

This is trying to persuade people through peer pressure.

In the end, all these people saying di nila kawalan, wala silang kinita because people didn't fall for their seductions.

Haha. Pathetic niyo bro.

Unknown said...

Talaga! di namin kelangan mga taong katulad mo at baka maging pabigat ka pa. Sori pre pro dumadami kame. haha! Gudluck nlng sayo, at baka yumaman ka sa gngwa mo. haha!

Anonymous said...

'Sori pre pro dumadami kame' >>>> uu nga dumadami kayo.. congrats ha.. tsk.. dami na nga mga shunga sa mundo

Anonymous said...

sa mga nagsabi na scam ang UNO at may experience sa mga ganung business ay masasabi kong mga "WEAK AT TALUNAN" cyempre kailangan magtiyaga....wala naman instant sa mundo....meron pala ang pagiging negative ng nagsulat.......WEAK!!!! LOSER!!!!

Whiz said...

hahaha porket ayaw sumali o nagquit s UNO ay WEAK at LOSER na????? TSK..ang babaw ng isip mo pre. show urself nang malaman naten cnung WEAK at LOSER dito.. it just happened that other people CANNOT see themselves getting involved with selling or whatever scam ur company is into. Well, if you do, then Goodluck, and for those who dont, let them be. Stop pestering other people's lives who dont even give you a damn! Bket nga ba nagquit s inyo? kc they realized that ur company is not credible enuff to help them through?!

Unknown said...

one of my schoolmate invite me he said, part time job daw, encoder.. cge sbi ko ssma ako, and fckng shet UNO pla, sbi ko nlng and2 narin kmi eh cge pkknggan ko nlng, then after my mga pnakausap siya sakin, aun nagsbi na ng kng anu2, blah blah blah, kawawa naman sila na brainwash na ata.... ok good for them to earn money in that way, one more thing,

have no choice but to show your cheques?, why me i didn't ask for it but they show it to me?, as what i know, rich peoples don't show how much they have in public...

and one more, i dnt wnt to loose my friends because of it, i value them, btw thanks for the friend who try to recruit me, hope you excelled in that business,

Anonymous said...

My friend (UNO Member) invited me to this UNO orientation, first di nila sinasabi kung ano gagawin at kung ano un, invite ka lang ng friend mo ciempre kaw naman sasama ka friend mo eh. Ganun din nangyari sa kanya ni-invite lang sya ng frnd nya rin and malas nya na convinced sya na sumali (bata pa kasi and wala pang alam sa ganito). Ito daw and turo ng mga older member ng UNO. mag-iinvite k ng mga tao at sasabihin mo lang daw basta, may kainan, may bday and kung ano-ano pang dahilan na pwede para sumama lang sila - isa na ito sa unang pang-loloko sa tao. Just to get a member pati kaibigan at kapamilya lolokohin. Bad!!

And during presentation yung mga sinasabi nila at example nila masyadong offending and bastos para di lang ma bore yung audience nila. Eh karamihan sa member na ni ri-recruit nila teenagers/students and kelangan pa ng gabay ng magulang. Kawawang bata na po-pollute ang utak dahil sa maling halimbawa na ginagawa nang mga ito. Bad!!

UNO Member testimonial (with 9K downline daw) Said to audiences (teenager with innocent mind) na alam naman natin na walang sariling pera at umaasa pa sa nanay at tatay nila ay: (habang pauwi daw sya sa haus nila, iniisip na nya kung saan sya kukuha ng pang-member sa UNO, and habang nasa bus daw sya inisip nya na sana may makaiwan ng celphone para may pang member n sya sa UNO, and parang the way he described his feeling on that time was kelangan nya na mang-snatch ng celphone para lang may pang bayad sa UNO, and for example nga may makaiwan ng celfone nila di nila ibabalik kasi pang member na sa uno ito, bad talaga itong si yabang na member, malas daw nya wala raw nakaiwan ng celfone sa bus and sana daw bigyan sya ng sign ni GOD (at naisip pa nya si GOD) kung dapat daw syang mag member sa UNO. Pag dating daw nya sa haus nila nakita daw nya bukas ang kwarto ng nanay nya, eh pag sya lang daw tao sa haus nila lagi daw sarado ung kwarto kasi nga kilala na siguro sya ng nanay nya na malikot ang kamay, kaya parating sarado kwarto. Kaso naiwan atang bukas ng nanay nya so kinuha daw nya yung alahas ng nanay nya ay sinangla nya daw.. at panaulit ulit nya na sinabi.. alahas-sangla-nanay paulit ulit parang nangungumbising cge gawin nyo rin yung ganito para madami na kaming member at pinagmamalaki pa nitong taong ito na di pa sya tapos nang pagaaral kahit 25 na sya, pero ang sasakyan daw nya tatlo, so parang tinuturuan nya yung mga nakikinig sa kanya na wag magaral at tumulad na lang sa kanya) kawawa naman yung mga batang nakikinig sa kanila nalalason ang utak grabe. Bad!!

Gusto ko pa sanang makinig ng mga sasabihin nila kaso gutom na ako 7pm na un eh 4pm pa kami nandun. At para nga naman di mag request ng pagkain yung mga tao sasabihin nila during sa presentation “ano ka patay gutom” just to avoid na may magtanong kung may pagkain at bakit walang pagkain? Planado ang panloloko di ba?

Anonymous said...

Kung ikaw kumikita ka ng P900K sa isang buwan at ang sabi nya kahit na tutulog sya kumikita daw sya, sarap naman nun (kasi nga yung mga tao na nag-paloko sa kanila sila ang kumakayod at nag hihirap para lang matulad din sa kanya na nabubuhay sa sa sarap pero hirap ng iba) di man lang magpakain tutal easy money naman para sa kanya. Cguro kuripot lang o wala talagang ganung kalaking pera…. D b ang ganda at easy money para sa taong ito…. BAD!! So palaki na palaki ang nagaganap na pang loloko sa mundo grabe di ba… kasi halos lahat mag aattempt na manloko just to reach yung level nya… sarap nga naman nun ganun higa ka lang kumikita ka na…. Ok pa sana kung yumaman sila sa pagbebenta ng product nila. Kaso yumayaman sila sa mga nag-memember sa kanila. Pag palagay na nating 9K member na naloko na nila na magbigay ng P7300 di may (P65,700,000.00) na sila kagad) laking kita d b? at member lang ito ni mokong na nagsasalita. Pano pa yung member nang iba pang mokong na katulad nito? Di ba ang dami? Kaya sabi nila bumabagsak ang business na ito pag wala ng mag-member.. so tama ako.. sa member sila kumikita ng malaki… panakip butas lang nila d2 yung mga product nila.. para mabigyan sila ng license na manloko ng tao. BAD!! Kung ganito ang example ng older member nila eh ano kaya gagayahin nung mga bagong member nila? Di yung old member at baka mas malala pa… kung sa product sila kumikita ng pera bakit di nila masabayan ang malalaking company na nag po-produce ng mga ganitong product tulad na lang ng unilab? Bakit kaya? Eh pareho lang naman halos product nila sa ibang company at sabi pa nga nila na masmaganda daw product nila eh bakit ganun? Bkit nila kailangan may networking pa? UNILAB ba may networking? Isa lang sagot kaya bakit may networking parati kumikita sila sa bayad ng member at kasi nga mabilis ang kita at trabahong tamad ito.. puhunan mo lang eh yung una.. tapos asa ka na lang gang sa huli n may mag member pa.. pag wala na bagsak na…. BAD!!!

Kung gus2 mo maging matangupay sa buhay, paghirapan mo na walang ibang taong naapakan at nalalamangan.. pagsikapan mo at magtyaga ka.. sabi nung member na matagumpay na ngaun sa panloloko.. ang tagal na daw nya nagtatrabaho matanda na sya pero ganun pa din daw sya.. tapos nung sumali sya d2 eh matagumpay na sya kagad.. bkit kaya failure yung una nyang trabaho samantalang ngaun matagumpay na sya sa trabaho nya tapos ang bilis pa.. kasi maraming syang naloloko.. so yung unang trabaho nya matino at itong bagong trabaho nya hindi kaya mabilis ang pera.. big time agad.. kalimitan ang mabilisang pera eh illegal d b? pero iba nga ito.. legal itong panloloko… BAD!! bkit natanong ba nya sa sarili nya ano ba ginawa nya nung unang trabaho nya..? sapat ba kaalaman nya? Bkit ba ganun pa rin sya? Sapat ba yung ginawa nya para magtagumpay? Cguro hindi lahat.. kasi failure nga eh.. so nasa bawat isa sa atin ang ating pag unlad.. wala sa kamay ng ibang tao.. mag-aral kyo ng mabuti at magisip ng tama. Parating nandyan ang karma na pwedeng magpabagsak sa inyo. Hope sana magising na ang mga tao sa mga ganitong panloloko.. OO malaki kita talaga dito pero pano kung wala ng mag member at napagod ng yung mga tao kasi wala ng ma-convince? You end-up nothing. Kawawa naman yung huling member nila di na kikita pa.. buti kung bibigyan sila ng pera nitong mga mayayamang (mayaman nga ba)kuripot na puro yabang ang laman ng utak.. kung business minded person ang mga ito bkit puro cars ang laman ng utak nila.. halos lahat sila sasabihin si ganito mag sasakyan na ganito… si ganito may sasakyan na ganito (wala ba silang maibigay na ibang halimbawa) malay mo pahiram lang ng mga AMO nila yan? luho lang sa buhay ang alam ng mga luho din tuturo nila sa inyo.. tinuruan ba nila kyo mag ipon ng pera? Di naman d b? kala nyo lang business tinuturo nila pero panloloko talaga.. BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I'm from davao. My sister in law is a member of this UNO thing. She even paid for 3 membership (helper, and 2 friends).. Almost a year now, she still earns 700/month. She already recruited a lot of people in this. All never succeeded. Some earned almost nothing. By the way, most of their products, if not all, is not effective (Ultima-C, Coffee, glutathione, etc).. I think we must report this to concerned authorities.

Anonymous said...

wew... muntik na akong mabiktima. tnx to this blog at natauhan ako. I agree, they should be stopped because of the way they treat those innocent students. parang pinaparinig nila na walang kwenta mag-aral dahil aasenso nman sila sa UNO. I am located here in Cebu and I have attended their seminar twice (naloko ng two separate friends, hehehe...).

Judging on the way their host talks, I think they should be reported to authorities.

They are poisoning the minds of our youth!!!

Anonymous said...

NICE blog!

to all,

please share this blog to everyone else. twitter/facebook, etc... :)

let us all save our youth.

isla said...

Nagdonate na kaya ang mayayamang members ng UNO sa victims ng Ondoy at Pepeng? Dami dami kasi nilang pera milyon milyon, it wouldn't hurt siguro to give something back.

Anonymous said...

for the person who post this..thanx..i guess people with experience on the MLM (either good or bad) have different point of views. Cyempre members of UNO would defend for their company and non-members may prejudge depending on their experience. actually marami ng nasirang relasyon ang bad way of recruiting most especially pagkakaibigan. sana yung mga sumali ay maging successful and dun sa mga hndi sumali "BEST choice" kc u know to urself kung san ka magiging success.

Unknown said...

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I can say na consuming our company's health and nutrition products ay naging mas mabuti ang body system namin against diseases (tulad ng hika, allergies, UTI, stress, diabetes,cancer-causing diseases, etc.) kaysa taking any over-the-counter and prescribed drugs.
At the same time, naikwekwento ko rin sa mga kakilala, nagbibigay lang naman ako ng pag-asa na may solution pa sa kanilang health situations.
Nagkwento ng health benefits, kailangan ding ikwento ang financial benefits, na may big demand sa ganitong klase ng consumable products.
Kapag gustong sumali, pagtulungan natin ang ganitong negosyo at may libreng training para sa small o large business.
Kapag hindi pa handang sumali, ok lang. Kapag gustong maging customer, I'll deliver their orders.
Lumalapit ako sa mga kaibigan dahil kilala nila ako, may tiwala sila sa akin, at may pagmamahal sila sa akin. Ganun din ako sa kanila. Makikinig ang isang kaibigan kahit limang minuto dahil they know, trust, and loves you.
At dapat makikinig din ang isang kaibigan (ang speaker) kung anoman ang reactions ng mga listeners.
RESPETO. Hindi naman pipilitin sumali.
Pasensiya na lang po kung mayroon mang ibang taga-MLM na 'OVER' ang pitching sales. Ang iba kasi mga "sky-rocket mathematical geniuses" kung magkwenta ng kikitain. Pasensiya po.
Ito ang totoo: Negosyo ang MLM, at para maging matagumpay ang anumang negosyo ay may mga basics to follow.
TIP: Ang DSAP o Direct Selling Association of the Philippines ay may mga guidelines kung ang isang MLM o networking company ay nahahanay na LEGITIMATE O SCAM.
You can check it out if your time permits.
Thank you po. I appreciate you.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this blog. grabe sa uno, pagkatapos magpakabait nila sau sa pagiinvite na sumali ka, pagnakasali kna babalewalain k nlng (based un sa naexperience ko pero d q alam kung lhat cla gnun). i joined uno kc alam q nuon na makakatulong saken. pero ndi pla, parang nagsayang lng aq ng pera, grabe luging lugi aq sa nilabas q (ung products na binigay kulang pa sa binigay q), sabi q nga eh sana nkinig nlng aq sa iba. d sana aq nagsisisi ngaun. pag icipan nio po muna kung gus2 nio tlga sumali sa ganto.. hirap lng eh, kelangan mo itago name ng kumpanya pag nagiinvite ka. bkt kaya?.. sana lng masaya na cla ngaun, sana natitiis nila ung mga gnagawa nila.. gudlak nlng po sa inyo. sana po yumaman kau!..

sa ngaun d bale ng magpakahirap aq sa pgttrabaho o pagging empleyado kaysa pumasok ulet sa ganitong negosyo..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

cge magtirahan kayo. all i can say is that I still pity those people who is wanting to have money and is willing to be fool by others like this scam. dont you get it? if everybody would be like this then nobody will be in poverty. I hope u see the logic im trying to put. I think some agencies are trying to work on this problem b4 its too dont get hook guys. or else bka madamay kayo.
nasa huli pagsisisi...
I think nobody is instant in life.come ro think of it, san naman sila kukuha ng ganun kalaki pera in just few days?!damn! if its true,sana wla na nagwowork at bakit pa sila anjan company at nagpapakasasa. wag nila sabihin para kumita..hahaha...bka kumikita nga pero di ganun kalaki,.

pitty them...

Anonymous said...


nirerecruit din po ako ng UNO. Is this true? Gusto ko po kcng maka2long sa pamilya ko. help please.
I'm just 14.

Anonymous said...

ang bata mo pa,, all you need do now is just study,

anyway, neutral lang ako, simple lang kasi, kung di nyo kaya, wag kayong sumali, pero kung eager kayo din go, sa MLM kasi pag di ka nagpoporsige wala kang aanihin, scam or hindi atleast you tried your best. pero kung doubtful talaga kaya may choice naman kayo, diba? before saying yes or signing in research nyo muna kung kaya nyo bang magbenta or mangrecruit, kung both of that ay wala then maybe di ka inline sa field na yan, then if positive lahat then go ka,, atleast you've tried,,

at the end of the day its still your decision, sort things out before entering the MLM industry.

for UNO members, go go go! you can do it :)

for non-UNO members, we need to find some things we need to discuss other than commenting them,, guys we comment if we really tried the products but we dont,, so .. we better talk in some other topics

Ty for reading :)


Anonymous said...

may kanya kanya pang promo yang mga up-line members na yan para lang kumita ng malaki, nagpapapremyo sila sa mga marami marerecruit.. may isa nga dun promo nia eto: pwede daw magfully paid na agad pag may pera at yung pag wala pa naman gumawa muna ng slot.. pano? mag-iwan ka lang ng kahit ano.. phone, kahit anong gadgets, kung wala ka pa daw pang down, shit! talagang pinilit ako na iwan na yung phone ko para magka-slot.. grabe ilan nga sa mga classmates ko na-uto nga dito e, kung anu-ano tinuturo nila sa mga kabataan.. eto pa quoted mula sa isa na nagsabi na gumawa kami ng kahit na anong paraan para makakuha ng Php7,300 like magnakaw sa magulang o manghold-up: "kung eto na lang rin naman yung huli mong gagawing masama sa magulang mo, o sa mundo, gawin mo na!!!" tinuturuan nila ang mga kabataan na gumawa ng masama.. grabe, marami pang ginagawa na pagkakakitaan yang mga yan, sabi niyo libre ang mga seminars? haha, may mga special sila na seminars noh!!! at may bayad per tao, gawa yan ng mga up-line na members.. at yung natatandaan ko na huling invite saken para sumama dit eh P1000 ata yung bayad para sa special na seminar na to na "body and soul" ata yung pangalan, grabe marami daw silang ituturo na super powerful na strategies para makauto ng mga inosente't tatanga tangang tao..

Anonymous said...

To the prodigal mole cricket: Well written!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on not being a professional beggar, yan ang tingin ko sa MLM humingi ka na lang ng pera outright kaysasa pag midfuck sa tao. May mga nakita akong bata na nagbebenta ng alahas or gadgets di natin alam kung hinigi yon o ninakaw sa magulang pero nakakatakot isipin. Baka sa susunod kung anu-ano na benta doon. Hindi ba parang nag eemploy sila ng minors para maging ahente ng products? Baka kailangan silipin to ng DSWD or baka nabayaran na mga opisyal kaya walang nag check.

Anonymous said...

hi jason, kung ako sa'yo di ako bibili ng bracelet nila kasi parang hindi totoo.

na-invite ako kahapon ng isang kaibigan sa kanilang orientation. ok naman yung bracelet nung demonstration nila -- napa-WOW nga ako.

pero nung umuwi ako sa bahay kinagabihan, naisip kong mag-experiment at i-try kung mag-wowo-work ba ang kanilang demonstration with the use of just about any object (like wristwatch, ordinary bracelet,etc.).

pina-45 degrees stance ko ang kapatid ko at hinatak ko siya. Ok, nahatak siya. then nilagyan ko ng wristwatch ang likod ng neck niya. hinatak ko ulit, pero nahirapan na akong mahatak siya.

after sa wristwatch, try naman naming gamitin ang isang ordinary bracelet, ganun din ang nangyari. hindi siya na nahatak.

so na-realize ko na hindi siguro nag-wowork ang product. siguro may ini-stimulate lang na muscle ang isang object sa neck mo para ito ay mag-contract at para hindi ka mahatak.

Anonymous said...

i love this post....

yah... im 16 my friends are so insane recruiting even our teachers.... one of my classmates kase may cousin na top earner na daw who dropped out of college just to focus on his business.... they want me to join.... and i said i have no enough money to do that... sabi nila isanla mo nalang o ibenta yung kaya mong mabenta because its gonna come back naman a lot bigger pa nga daw....

but i refused me and some of my closest friend. and we sarcastically told them... " we'll join if you guys are super rich na! " kase their proof aren't enough....

Anonymous said...

bago kyo magsalita tignan nyo muna sarili nyo baka mismo kyo nghihingi p s mga magulang nyo and hindi kmi basta nanguguha ng pera my kapalit n products un tska hindi kami nagaral ng 6yrs in grades school 4yrs in high school then 4yrs again in college para utusan ng di naman namin kilalang tao tapos babayaran lang kami ng minimum n 10k per month kaya hindi yumayaman ang mga pilippino sa employment umaasa kaya yumayaman ang mga chinese sa negosyo umaasa

Anonymous said...

Is UNO still operational? It seems their shop near Robinson's Galleria closed down.

Here are three facts I discovered with my brush with MLM

1) The millionares become rich not because of direct product sales but because or member recruitment. In other words most of these are legalized ponzi schemes which cannot sustain itself in the long run.

If you don't believe me try selling their products and you will see you won't earn much. The truth is, the money is in the recruitment.

2) Ask any MLM insider, those who become millionares or as they call it "leaders" had help from the company itself!

Don't you know that when a new MLM company is set up the first thing they do is invite those with big established groups and vetern MLM leaders and offer them top positions in the in the pyramid but also salaries and big bonuses? You, as the ordinary member that paid 16k or 7k will not get this perk and support.

3) Be critical minded! There are agents who say that they are able to buy a car in just 3 months! When a friend from a MLM company named loadxtreme told me this, I did some investigation and found out that hulugan pala yun car bilini niya!!!

That is outright deception but this is normal in MLM. Agents will say that they earn 100K php a month but the truth is they are just earning 10K or even less!

Stay away guys! Stay away!

Anonymous said...

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Lala said...

i WAS actually a member of this crappy company. NOTHING happened to me! Di rin naman kasi tama yung mga ginagawa nila. Yang mga linya nila na "walang mawawala sa yo kung makikinig ka lang", nauto din ako dyan and i must say that it was a big mistake na sumali-sali ako jan sa UNOng yan! At first, I didn't have problems with their system until ilang months na ang dumaan at hindi pa rin ako kumita. Madami din akong mga na-invite. yung ISA sumali. yung iba paasa. yung iba naman ayaw nila kasi nga SCAM. i don't know kung ano yung totoo. sabi nila legal sila. ok sabi nila eh.

Sasabihin pa nila sayo na tigil na daw sa skwela kasi wala rin naman daw mapapala. kapag mag-trabaho ka daw eh 10k lang naman daw na may kaltas sweldo mo sa isang buwan. Super WRONG! Eh pano yun, may pera nga ako at may ipapalamon sa mga anak ko pero wala akong maisasagot kapag nagtanong siya sa 'kin ano answer ng derivation nga ganito at ganyan.

At kahit ano pa sabihin nila na hindi sila pyramiding, para sa 'kin, pyramiding pa rin. Sabihin nila na inverted pyramid whatever eklavoo yung nandiyan. PYRAMIDING PA RIN YUN! pinaganda lang nila ng pinaganda para may mauto sila.
and yes, the checks are real but di naman lalaki ng ganun yung kita nila kung di rin sila nag multiple heads. and besides, NAUNA sila eh. wala silang problema kasi yung gagawin nalang ng mga nandun sa taas eh maghintay ng taong mauuto na papasok then yun, *poof*, parang breakfast cereal, puputok na bigla yung pera nya dahil napakarami ng mga downlines nya na gagalaw para magka-pera siya.

and actually, most sa mga top earners dyan, yung mga power speakers nila, may experience na sa ibang networking company na BUMAGSAK at nawala! Yung mga dati kong uplines dun, mga taga-ibang networking companies na bumagsak sa una eh. So as not to make UNO fall like the others, kino-correct nila yung mga mistakes na na-commit nila sa previous company nila and they make sure na kung ano sasasbihin nila eh paniniwalaan talaga ng tao. Which is what I have observed.

Bottomline is: WALA AKONG NAPALA!
eh dalawang 7,450 pinalabas ko sa bulsa ko tapos P400 lang yung mababalik sakin? PUCHA! Sinangla ko pa isang importanteng bagay sakin tapos P400 lang!

di ko na gusto bumalik dun. sumasama lang pakiramdam ko!

kahit ano pa gawin nila na pag-build up sa products eh walang kwenta! mas focused sila sa pagpapapasok ng tao! they won't even care about you that much! hay naku UNO! pinasakit mo lang ulo at bulsa ko!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

When you join Network Marketing here's what you should do:
1. See if the products are worth selling, there are expensive products yet not effective..
2. If they brag about cars and checks, don't mind listening, multi-million network companies do not say how much they're earning, they are much humble..
3. Research. Surf the internet if the company is globally accredited or not.. if it's just nationally acclaimed then don't sign up
4. Check if the company has 3rd party companies that supported the products, check th einventors if they exist or not..check also the contents of the products if it is globally approved by WHO or BFAD.
5. Check the Ratings of the company in stock market if the company is 5a-1 ratings meaning to say even after 100 years the company will ramain stable..
Network Marketing is not a bad fact it the best business yet some people find it bad because of HIGHLY TRAINED BLUFFERS IN TOWN..
A little reminder from someone who did further research in companies like this before investing

Unknown said...

read super taray nung girl! binara UNO RECRUITER! HA HA HA

Anonymous said...

ang ipinagtataka ko pa sa bwakanang kumpanyang to e kung bakit mga estudyante ang tinatarget sumali. e kung gusto mo humatak ng investors bat di mga EARNING PROFESSIONALS ang kunin nyo? "jaded" na daw mga matatanda? ulol. sige, pagpatuloy nyo lang yang katarantaduhan nyo. mayayaman daw e tamang faclities na gagamitin sa business presentation di nyo pa magastusan. pinapalayas na nga kayo sa mcdo el pueblo dahil sa tagal nyo tumambay e. mga tungak!

Anonymous said...

haizzz..dahil sa pesteng uno na to nagkawatak2 kmi magkakaibigan..iba tlga nagagawa ng pagkaganid..nacraan na ng bait kaibagan ko dahl sa pagsamba sa uno..

fred layno said...

excuse me po...i'm making this play about something like this, kung pwede po, paki quote ang mga exact words ng sales pitch ng mga taga-uno? thanks.

ching said...

hey thank you for an eye opening article. my friends have been luring me into this one and i've always been skeptical about it.

my brother wanted money from my mother just so he could join a networking business. but i'm very thankful my mother didn't agree. my brother is 16 and he's young, naive and easily tempted to those get rick quick schemes.

thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

Uno is a scam.. people who joins here uses even their friends and family for them to earn..

Anonymous said...

to prodigal mole:

Thank you for this blog. Very well written and very well said. I really wish that many will be able to find this blog because it's a very important warning. God bless you and I join you in your mission of eradicating the devils of this society.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

UNO talga mga walang kwenta! gusto pa ako pilitin nag mag withdraw! the worst kinuha pa wallet ko at tinignan pera!!!! may gitara ako, un nalang daw ibenta ko para pang register WTF!

Big Brother said...

UNO is for stupid people. most of the recruiters are dropouts from school. it's true that friendship can be destroyed with this UNO company. i was actually tricked by my friend into this. she told me she was gonna treat us but after that she led us to their office in front POEA. dun palang sa ginawa niya nanloko na siya. That time i i was undergoing training and i plan to go straight home because i was sleepy and tired but since i haven't seen my college buddies for a while, I was excited to see her and my other friends because all of us are registered but unemployed nurses as of now. When i arrived at the meeting place, i was shocked to see only two people: her(UNO recruiter) and my other friend so i asked UNO where are the others?? UNO said they couldn't make it kayong dalawa lang (my other friend) after a few chit chat she treated us anywhere we liked to eat then after that UNO asked me: "pwede niyo ba ko samahan sa may greenhills?" i said okay since i did miss them so a little quality time with them was not so bad. I drove to greenhills then i asked where exactly. UNO said: "alam mo yung POEA? dun lang banda sa may tapat nun. may kukunin lang ako sa friend ko." so we went there and upon arrival i couldn't find a place to park my car so i said to UNO: "kayo nalang bumaba since may kukunin ka lang naman" but UNO insisted to find a parking and to accompany her inside. i said, fine let's find one. now when we came to their facilty, it was packed with youngsters and cars (nice ones i've always dreamed of having) then me and my other friend waited for a while cause' our UNO friend said she'll just call someone. when UNO came back, she was with another UNO member! then that UNO member started to introduce himself blah, blah, blah after talking to me and my other friend, the two UNOs introduced us to another UNO member which explained everything about their company (except for their foolishness) afet that they again introduced us to another UNO member. this happened three times until my friend gave in while those UNO idiots couldn't squeeze anything out from me. i pity my friend who gave in to my UNO friend and her goons. I waste a lot of time hearing all their bullshit.

My opinion on UNO members:

-most of them are young and stupid.
-they are the real losers here and and not us UNO haters because they gave up their studies/work just for easy money which you cannot learn anything from.
-most of them are desperate when convincing you to join. It even comes to the point that they make stories about how better their life is now with UNO compared to going to school or working and getting paid less than what they earn or should I say, legally steal by recruiting noobs to join UNO. (mind fuck)
-members here are fake people.
-they love using your friends.
-they like to see your stuff (if ever you flash them) so they can convince you to use it as the reservation fee if you don't have the cash now.

Oh i forgot to mention, my UNO friend pawned her mom's jewelry for 17 grand and paid two membership fees. Her mom's also desperate for cash and an idiot. they are not rich ha pero they thought of pawning their jewelry just for legally stealing and fucking with young people's head. what goes around, comes around. these motherfuckers will pay the price soon..

@The Prodigal Mole Cricket: thank you for sharing your story and insights. it's good you learned your lesson. our parents still know what's best for us. UNO or whatever MLM company that is, they all have the same motives but different styles.

Anonymous said...

my cousin is also a member of that UNO kainis niloko ako para lng pumunta sa wlang kwentang seminar kse nahihiya nmn akong di pumunta khit narinig ko na sa ibang pinsan ko ang tungkol dun. ok lng sana ang uno pero wag nmn silang manira ng buhay na dadating sa point na manloko magsanla, mandukot, maghinto ng pag aarala para lng makahuha sila ng member. WTF

Anonymous said...

I already attended to a UNO seminar/orientation through my professor. pero nagtataka lang ako maxado clang focus sa word na "earning" ni hindi nila pina-priorities ung mismong product. basta ganito na dapat raw para kumita ng malaki dapat makapg recruit ng marami.try to realize kung gusto mo talagang kumita diba dapat mas bigyan mo ng priorities ung mismong product kac un ung ihaharap mo sa tao. kac un ung business mo. wag dapat i focus ung sarili sa investment. kac hindi lahat ng tao may 7,300. at dapt ipa try muna nila ung product kung effective kac merong mga tao ang hindi hiyang sa ibang mga products. cge sabihin nating kumita ka ng malaki pero naka perwisyo kanman. kumita ka nga nwalan kanman ng kaibigan. Para mo naring cnavng ginagawang "panginoon ang pera" isa pang pangit sa UNO hinihikayat kami na magsangla muna raw kami ng mga gamit. para may maibayad sa Membership fee. eh kung tutong mayaman cla at tutong kaibigan mo sila cla at total cla nmang ung naghihikayat sau hindi ba tama lang na pahiramin ka nila ng pera para sa membership fee total sav nman nila agad babalik ung capital at kikita ka ng malaki. eh bakit hindi cla mismo ang mag offer ng 2long rather than hikayatin ung mga students/tao na mag sangla ng mga gamit para may pang member ship fee.

Anonymous said...

grabe pala ang UNO.. akala ko magandang simula ng isa biznis...tsk tsk tskt tsk eh hindi pala...

anses anseng said...

kalokohan talaga ang UNO na yan kaklase ko sumali jan pero nag QUIT din hahahaha..isa ko pang kaklase sumali jan 1month ago na nagmamayabang saken na yayaman na daw sya hahahaha pero hanggang ngayon pag tinatanong ko kamusta na ang UNO sa kanya hahaha walang masabi pano wala pa nangyayari hahahaha kalokohan BAKIT DI NA LANG KASI MAG ARAL NG MABUTI HA? hahahaha

pinoy web archtitect said...

I still want to pursue my passion for my craft and earn less than earn great but losing my self worth.

Nick said...

Hayz... ganyan tlga. Ilan beses nko pnag recruit ng mga MLM na yan. Buti nlng sobrang cheap ko so d tlga ako magpapalabas ng pera kahit ganu pa ka-bango mga salita nila. Marami pa nmn paraan para magkakita eh. wakakaka

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with multi-level marketing?

Their business structure is destined to fall. :)

Anonymous said...

yung mga nag negative comments.. ano na ba narating nyo sa buhay? hmmm.... nakabili na ba kayo ng kotse sa sarili nyo lang? kung hindi.. bakit di pa magtry ng business ngaun e pagtanda nyo ganun din kakalabasan nyo business din. legal naman to may products. mag move on na kayo sa mga dating scam scam. nasasayo ang power kung pano mo papaandarin ang buhay mo, gusto mo paalipin sa employer mo na kumikita lang employer mo eh o gusto mo ikaw ang kumita? ano ba ang mas maganda? tulungan naman ang business na ito. dapat lang kayo ay matiyaga lang as of any business. at ung pera naman pong nakukuha ng company, sa member din naman napupunta un. natural sa una mahirap makahanap ng referral pero pag naestablish mo na kikita ka na dun eventually. ang kailangan mo lang wag mag give up sa mga dreams mo. hindi lahat dito drop outs ang walang pinag aralan, may mga professionals din dito at manager atbp. kung ayaw mo pumasok wag ka ng manira, ipagpasa Diyos mo na lang diba, kung talagang scam to makikita din naman Niya un at may karma ang ganun. Basta dont give up. Gusto mo maging empleyado habangbuhay , it is up to you. diba?

Anonymous said...

^ pasensya na brad. Hindi ganyan ang pinapangarap kong business if ever! I have a good paying job. Wala akong kaaway, at proud ako na sabihing engr. ako. Ikaw? Malamang wala ka ng choice sa buhay. Yan nalang ang pagasa mo? Nakikinig ka lang sa mga sinasabi ng mga top earners jan? Naaakit ka sa mga pangako nila? Habang may panahon, pwede ka pa umalis jan. Wag ka na manghinayang sa nagastos mong puhunan. Ikaw ang mag move on. Ilang panahon nalang at mawawala na din yang negosyo mong yan. hahanap ka ulit ng MLM na bago? nako. pinapaliit mo lang ang mundo mo. Hindi ka din magiging masaya.

Anonymous said...

guys, kung wala naman kayong magawa, huwag na lng kayong manira sa UNO. we all have our opinions. you have yours and we, UNO members, have ours. narinig niyo na ba yung "play now, pay later" na saying? well, yan ang nagawa or ginagawa niyo. and we respect that. but we chose to PAY now PLAY later. nagdesisyon kaming magpakahirap ngayon sa business na ito kasi alam namin na giginhawa rin kami in the future. we dont want to force you to join either. we just presented an opportunity. it is up to you if you grab it. if you didnt join, then, we respect that. just dont make accusations or bad gossips about UNO. we are proud that we are UNO members. if you have a problem with that, then, watever! :p.

PLEH said...


I don't give a care if you choose to stay and take pride in UNO or not. But I was not pleased when you mentioned that we prefer to PLAY now PAY later, wherein you prefer the better way, which is the other way around.

sorry, but there are other ways to "PAY now, PLAY later", such as honest businesses that rely on its products' movement to prosper. If you simply quit recruiting people and concentrate on selling UNO products alone, will you make it big? Syempre you have to fool people into entering the market in order to get the real money. So I can say with ridiculous confidence, that the company you are proud of being a part in, relies almost solely on framing and deception. Give me one UNO member who made it big by using smart business ethics on selling their products. Give me one UNO member who made it big without having to deceive recruits. Pag nabigyan niyo ako ng pangalan papaputol ko buong kamay ko.

- student from University of the Philippines Los Banos

Anonymous said...

naloka ako sa UNO na yan.. haha!

my friend also tricked me just to attend their so called "seminar".
He was desperately texts me about his "prob" daw. that he needed help badly. ako naman si tanga naniwala. He asked me to accompany him to mega mall. that he would even wait for me after work. I had really no idea that I was about to be ambushed! geez! nagulat talaga when we arrived na at the location. The first thing he asked is "Familiar ka ba dito?" Me, being puzzled drastically said No! At that time, slowly, I was getting pissed. seen the big tarpaulin posted outside the building.. Saw loads of young people around us.. Luxurious cars parked everywhere..
And since it was rainy a bit hard, my friend suggested that we go inside na. Me being hesitant, had no choice but to agree since it was pouring nga. grabe! i couldnt even breath when we got inside! super daming tao! then he introduced me to some of the UNO members na mukang pok-pok sa kapal ng make-up. The first girl whom I talked with didnt really convince me agad. Actually, I didnt even mind what she was saying coz I busy eyeing the place! when I got bored, I excused myself to go to the rest room. To mu surprise, was so small! and it has no mirrors pa! my gosh! then when I got out of the rest room, my friend introduced me again to another girl. which like me,was also a single mom and from Cavite also (did I mentioned I traveled pa from Cavite after work?). She explained na she was employed daw for 6yrs (not sure) then resigned when she joined UNO. She even used her daughter and her family just to convince me! Gosh! after a quite long Q&A portion, my friend decided to bring me inside the room na wgere the "seminar" is being held. Me being pissed na nga, just plainly said, "tara na! let's just get this over with na!"
So, we sat there, listened.. and boy I tried to entertain myself while sitting there! Its just the same old tactics lang naman.. In short, I wasnt convinced! kasi naman nga, they were making kwetnto on how big money they earn a week, pero muka naman silang "pobre"! Even the speaker huh! He was like, duh?!
Then after the super long "seminar" few of its members approached me nanaman. nakaka tawa lang kasi the guy who talked to me gave up when I frankly told him na "Kala ko ba walang pilitan toh? Eh bakit moko kinukulit?" Bigla xang lumipat ng upuan then pinasa ako dun sa girl na naka usap ko na from Cavite. Again, she told about stuffs na convincing.. She even questioned my employment. Which is not right! Bakit pa nila kailanagang insultuhin ang mga employed! That tama na ba daw sakin ang 7k-15k a month? Na masaya na ba pamilya ko sa nai-aabot ko? gosh! Sa bad trip ko, when she asked me kung sino nag babantay sa baby ko, dinerecho ko na sya I told her na may yaya ako at sa isang International School nag aaral ang anak ko. Eh di, natahimik sya! then upon her shock, niyaya ko na ung friend ko na umuwi since it was almost 10pm na and I have work pa the following morning. at ang huling sinabi nung girl before I leave was " Sige, mayaman na si ma'am di na nya kailangan ng tulong natin". in a sarcastic way huh! tsk..

Pero one thing na na-realize ko sa experience kong toh being a Christian is when you have Jesus in your life naman, di mo naman kailangang mag hirap para lang magka pera. lalo na manloko ng tao para lang sumama sayo. Kasi when you just give all your worries and cares naman to God, He will be the one to provide all your needs. And sana wag naman po tayo masyado maging greedy.. Oo inaamin ko, kailangan ko rin ng pera but not that way. Not the UNO way. So, sa mga members ng UNO, we have nothing against you guys. Kung ayaw nuo masira ang pangalan ng kumpanya, please lang.. Start with yourselves. Wag kayong manloko ng mga tao para lang makinig sa mga gusto nyo. Let them be.


Anonymous said...

And one more thing, sana rin po bago po kayo mag yabang sa mga na achieve nyo ng dahil sa UNO, ipakita nyo muna!
Hindi ung puro eto si ano may ari ng kotseng chuva na naka park sa labas, blah blah!
Ni wala nga kayong free snacks para sa members at attendees eh!
And no offense din naman to my friend which is an UNO member, he even asked me to pay for my fare from Cavite to Ortigas! And he didn't even treat me to dinner! Pero he was constantly saying na: "Ok na ung 1k per hour noh?" Showing off his money.. haha! sa pikon ko nga yesterday, I told him na sige, pag within 6mos at may wheels ka na, balikan moko I might consider.. pero tumawad pa! Give him 1yr daw! haha!
Then pumunta sya dito sa work ko to sell some of their products then again, showed off his "money". Then I repeatedly joked him to make libre naman since marami syang pera, but to my dismay, deadma lang xa! haha! Hay naku talaga.. Ayako man, pero I pity them na tuloy for choosing that kind of destiny.. :(


Anonymous said...

Sana masilip din ng BIR ang mga taong nagsasabing malaki kinikita nila sa UNO. UNg iba nakabili ng daw ng auto in 4 o 6 months time or kumikita ng 60K or ung bigtime nila na 430K ang kinikita sa isang buwan. Mukhang di nagfifile ng income tax returns mga members nito. Dapat masingil sila para patas sa mga ordinaryong manggagawa.

Order Fluoxetine said...

My point of view partially coincided with yours. Thank you for trying. antidepressants

Anonymous said...

My point of view partially coincided with yours. Thank you for trying. antidepressants

Anonymous said...

kung scam to? hindi sana nagpaendorser si Manny Pacquiao...

layunin din ni Manny Pacquiao ang tapusin ang kahirapan...


Anonymous said...

daming chicks d2 3o3
cge deal sasali ako basta girl ang mgrerecruit at dapat may kasamang anuhan ha hehehe ^^ dapat walang sakit or something ha!

Anonymous said...

LOL dami nga chicks jan haha

talaga naman buhay pa pla etong UNO hudases haha... alam nyo sa sarili nyo na scam kyo... at ung mga downlines hnd maka alis dhil ng hinayang sa pera nila haha mmga betlog .... mga greedy ksi kyong kbataan

Anonymous said...

ang tanga naman nung nagpost about Manny Pacquiao endorsing it. if a company has the money, he can always PAY for a celebrity to endorse it. mga mangmang!

Jack said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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raistlin said...

Thank you for writing this blog, its very much appreciated on my part for I am still very much wide awake right now thinking whether to join this UNO bec. it's been exactly 16 hrs since I was being recruited on this networking thing.

Anyways I did keep an open mind on the whole recruitment and presentation process though (actually it's rather entertaining because the speaker was gay and most importantly out of goodwill for I was actually invited by my workmate whom I'm "still" trying to consider as a good but rather desperate friend; the root cause of my current dilemma hehe.)

I want to give these youth a chance so I gave them my time. And when it finally came to the product presentation part I was kind of disappointed bec. despite of the almost god-like result you would get from using the products the words "NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS" just blared on every package; like a tag on the products saying "JUST KIDDING!" anyways thinking on all the products out there that uses false advertisements, I thought well ok (that's part of business anyways; who would argue with henry sy who could sell the exact same things found in divisoria on a price tripled over).

But then the rather irritating part is the "BRAGGING OF HAVING THIS KIND OF MONEY AND CAR...." All I can think of is that "If these were true then everyone must be so filthy rich right now."

Then why the heck don't I hear about this thing? Why is it not the latest trend or booming business out there?

Then the realization hit me full force on the face; "If it's too good to be true, then it's not." (Thanks dad for constantly reminding me on this)

I really don't have anything against this UNO or whatever MLM or networking or whatever they call it out there (it's their life they are free to live it as they like) just don't try too hard honestly, because it only shows that everything you brag about is not, how can I say this delicately hhhmmm..... maybe not that true. Just let your reputation preceed you. (But I kinda like your spunk and perseverance guys, I really do and I hope from the bottom of my heart that this would lead you to the path of greatness).

But then again,I had never heard on any news that a member from an MLM got robbed as they deposit that large amount of money from the bank and instead the news is usually the other way around (networking is a scam etc.)

It's not that I want them to get robbed or carnapped or anything like that it's just because the speakers there always remind the first timers on how much they get and on what bank and what car models their top earners have, over and over again, and if a potentially robber is in the audience, he/she would get an idea on who would be a good target. (I'm not a robber hehe just a weird thought.)

So in conclusion, follow your heart, follow your gut instinct, listen to all advice.

Listen especially to your parents bec. without them you won't be still alive right now if it weren't for them - so they know what they are talking about in life bec. they have also moulded yours and what you decide to do with your life is then all up to you - work hard for it to become a beautiful sculpture or just stay as a big lump of clay! POWER!!! (as they say hehe)

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Pinasali ako ng mabait na kaibigan ko dito. Tangina malaki na daw kinikita nya. Sumali naman ako sa so sobrang hype at baliw.
Pero may nakuha ba ako? Wala
Laking pera ng 7300 sa ordinaryong Pinoy ah

Kidnap kidnap na lang ba ang gagawin para kumita? Ganyan ba tinuturo ng mga magulang nyo? manloko ng ibang tao para makuha ang gusto nyo.

Pyramiding tlaga style nyo. Di ko nga nakikita ang products nyo sa TV e. panay UNO UNO Unlimited Network of Opportunities. Sell of products naman tlaga dapat focus ng MLM dba. bakit di nyo pinagmamalaki ang products nyo?

Magsasara dn ang poke ng inang MLM company na ito. Ang mga top earners nyan na ginagamit ang mga nasa ilalim. pag x-mas party nyo nga, sinisingil nyo pa mga downlines nyong mga putang top earner ng UNO. abonado pa palusot nyo. Laki laki ng kinikita nyo, ang greedy nyo.

iamanetworkerbutnotuno said...

Isipin din po siguro natin na kahit kaya natin maglabas ng ganon kalaki o pinagharipan natin ito, isipin natin na baka magkaron pa tayo ng problema pag member na tayo, isipin niyo po ang mga pinagdaanan niyo bgo kyo sumali, kung kayo nahirapan maglabas ng pera dapat isipin niyo din po kung yung mga taong isasali niyo ay kaya maglabas ng pera, or kung kaya nila bilhin ang mga products niyo o kung kailangan ba tlga nila ito, kasi kung hindi din mhhrapan ka din maging successful sa ganitong industry. Doon pumapasok ang mga salitang scam, pyramiding or taas lang ang kumikita pero kung tutuusin ay hindi naman talaga dahil hindi kikita ang nsa taas kung hindi kumita ang nasa baba. isipin niyo muna ang mga magiging problema niyo bago kyo pumasok, nsa isang networking company ako, ok naman ako in terms of downlines and product movement. im not against the company of uno, sa mga ibang members lang na ibang way talaga mag invite ng tao. Networking is an opportunity kung alam mo yung pinapasok mo, pero kung pumasok ka lang dito dahil na hype ka wala talaga mangyayari sayo.



Anonymous said...

Kaya siguro nila gusto mga students kasi madali ma-hype. Kung mga nsa 40s above na my idea na sa mga dating networking na nawala na or isa na din sa mga naofferan ng company nila.. Iba talaga sila mag-present. I don't know why pero puro pangbabaliw lang ng mga prospect ginagawa nila, after mag join ng mga tao wala na, ang monitor lang nila is yung mga tao na nasa top ng board nila..

Merong mga networking company na maganda at meron din hindi. pag aralan po natin mabuti

Anonymous said...

I was almost lured by a close friend to join this.

But I relied on my instincts and said no to the invite. Everything just seemed too shady, and sorry but I'm not really the kind of person easily impressed by flashy, material things. In short, I wasn't convinced by their pitch.

On a positive note, I commend the UNO people for their upbeat attitude and I hope they maintain the same determination investing in another legit business where you don't have to deceive people through blinding them with the promise of easy money.

Please for everybody's knowledge, read what happened to the Philippines' PIPC and Francswiss Scams. Research it.

If you're someone who doesn't mind shelling out 7,000+ on something overpriced, go ahead and join but for average people who makes money enough just to get by, there are other options to expand your income. More non-fraudulent options, that is.

For reference:

Anonymous said...

member ako dati, kikita ka nga naman, ngka.kotse pa nga ako dahil sa uno, 20 yrs old pa ako nun, kaso lang kailangan mo talaga ibenta ang kaluluwa mo para kikita ka nang malaki. nakita ko ang pag.iba nang mga tao na.invite ko, galing sa humble na tao, naging masyadong mayabang, dun ako na.negative. kung yun man ang kalalabasan ko, wag nalang. kaya nag.quit ako. nakita ko na hindi lang sila PAYAMAN, PAYABANG din. mas.lumalaki pa ang yabang kesa sa yaman.

Anonymous said...

Para sa mga negative about MLM or Network Marketing:

1. Sabi nyo Pyramid scheme ang UNO? Diba kapag nag tatrabaho ka pyramiding din yun? Yung itaas presidente, tapos vice president, tapos manager, supervisor, then staff. Kung ma nonotice nyo diba ang presidente nasa itaas? Pwede ba yun na ang staff na nasa ibaba ay papantay sa kita ng presidente sa itaas? Pyramiding din yun ah. Ang diperensya lang nang pagtatrabaho at pag nenetwork marketing ay sa trabaho, imposible talagang magpantay kayu nang kita sa itaas oh nang boss mo. Eh sa network marketing, pwede mong pantayan oh di kaya'y mas palakihin mo pa ang kita mo kaysa sa mga tao na nasa itaas mo.

2. Sabi nyo ayaw nyo sa networking dahil recruit2? Eh kung panu ka nakapasok sa trabaho mo? Diba na recruit ka rin nang HR Department?

3. Ang MLM kasi negosyo yan na marangal at kapag nag nenegosyo ka, mag rerecruit ka rin pa rin nang tao mo.

4. Yung mga tao na nanginginvite sa UNO, agresibo at hindi takot yan kung magclose ng deal kasi alam nila na nakakatulong sila nang kababayan na mabigyan nang opportunity.

5. Kung pangit talaga ang MLM, bakit positive sina Bill Gates, Donald Trumph at Robert Kyusaki?

6. Kung may magsarang MLM or Networking company, hindi kasalanan nang networking system yun. Dahil yan sa pagpapatakbo nang kumpanya kaya nagsara ang mga networking companies. Eh bakit may ibang negosyo nagsasara? Dahil pangit din ang negosyo na pinapasukan nila? Dahil yan sa pagpapatakbo.

Ang pinaka dahilan kung ba't maraming Pilipino dyan na hindi pa rin umaasenso, masyado kasi silang close minded. Pag may opportunity na dumarating, hindi nila binubukas ang kanilang utak. Sinisisi pa nila sa presidente kung bakit daw ganito ang Pilipinas. Guys open your mind. Hindi naman easy money ang networking ahhh, Kailangan din nang sipag at tiyaga.

Anonymous said...

Here is my reply to this confident non-sense comment;

Para sa mga negative about MLM or Network Marketing:( indi kami negative, hindi lng tlga kami tanga)

1. Sabi nyo Pyramid scheme ang UNO? Diba kapag nag tatrabaho ka pyramiding din yun?
(nagbayad ba kami para mkapasok sa company where we work? no. so its not pyramiding. ang layo ng pagkakaiba)

Yung itaas presidente, tapos vice president, tapos manager, supervisor, then staff. Kung ma nonotice nyo diba ang presidente nasa itaas? Pwede ba yun na ang staff na nasa ibaba ay papantay sa kita ng presidente sa itaas? (hindi pde kasi the president work his ass off pra sa position na he deserve, im sure they are competent kea sila nandun BUT if you work hard pde mo makuha ung post, unlike sa UNO na hindi ka pdeng maging top earner kung indi ka HARD WORKER sa panloloko, marangal na trabaho po kami, dont compare it to bulshit things)

Pyramiding din yun ah.(hard work un sir)
Ang diperensya lang nang pagtatrabaho at pag nenetwork marketing ay sa trabaho, imposible talagang magpantay kayu nang kita sa itaas oh nang boss mo. Eh sa network marketing, pwede mong pantayan oh di kaya'y mas palakihin mo pa ang kita mo kaysa sa mga tao na nasa itaas mo( hindi nyo po namention na difference nila is walang bayad mag trabaho sa kumpanya at minsan may sign up bonus pa! unlike sa UNO nyo na may 7+k bayad plus kelangan nyong manloko ng sobra!)

2. Sabi nyo ayaw nyo sa networking dahil recruit2? Eh kung panu ka nakapasok sa trabaho mo? Diba na recruit ka rin nang HR Department? (pdeng napirate or nag apply ka lng, pipiliin nila ung taong Isasama sa company nila, Unlike sa Uno na kahit sino na mauto niyo pde basta may pang bayad ng 7k)

3. Ang MLM kasi negosyo yan na marangal at kapag nag nenegosyo ka, mag rerecruit ka rin pa rin nang tao mo.
(OPO marangal daw MLM, pero ung UNO indi.)

4. Yung mga tao na nanginginvite sa UNO, agresibo at hindi takot yan kung magclose ng deal kasi alam nila na nakakatulong sila nang kababayan na mabigyan nang opportunity.( sobrang agresibo but i think the right term is DESPIRADO po kasi kikita sila at pra mabawi pinang pasok nila sa uno, Indi nakakatulong. nakakasama pa.

5. Kung pangit talaga ang MLM, bakit positive sina Bill Gates, Donald Trumph at Robert Kyusaki?(naku dinamay mo pa sila, ibang iba po ang pilosopiya ng networking nila sa networking nyo po, ibang iba din po ang sinabi ng magulang ko jan. kanino ko dapat maniwala?)

6. Kung may magsarang MLM or Networking company, hindi kasalanan nang networking system yun. Dahil yan sa pagpapatakbo nang kumpanya kaya nagsara ang mga networking companies. Eh bakit may ibang negosyo nagsasara? Dahil pangit din ang negosyo na pinapasukan nila? Dahil yan sa pagpapatakbo.(tama po kayo jan. pero wla pa kayo napatunyan but we will know soon.)

Ang pinaka dahilan kung ba't maraming Pilipino dyan na hindi pa rin umaasenso, masyado kasi silang close minded.
(for me indi sila close minded, Play safe lang kung baga,they Stick to what is used to do like regular employment or pdeng close mided na ibig sabihin walang panahon mag pauto sa inyo)
Pag may opportunity na dumarating, hindi nila binubukas ang kanilang utak.
(hindi opportunity ang tawag sa UNO Kundi KAlokohan po)
Sinisisi pa nila sa presidente kung bakit daw ganito ang Pilipinas.(despirado na po ang tawag sa naninisi sa presidente)
Guys open your mind.(open mind means mag mapauto or open mind means be wise?) Hindi naman easy money ang networking ahhh, Kailangan din nang sipag at tiyaga.
(tama po, wag nang hauluan ng panloloko, there is a reason bakit puro bata ang narerecruit nyo, One of them is madali sila mauto)

Anonymous said...

Ako din inuto ng klasmeyt ko na pumunta diyan sa UNO. Kunwari magpapasama makipag daw sa kanyang textmate at may mga chix daw. Tapos pinakita sakin ng klasmeyt ko mga top earners na nakapaskil sa padder na kala mo sang malaking commercial billboard, at pinakita mga mamahaling kotse na kinita daw ng mga miyembro yan. Ang dami tao.

Tapos pina seminar ako. Doon pa lang napansin ko na hindi tama, yung palakpak nang iba parang robot o scripted. Kala ko parang sumali ako sa isang church community na dapat "positive" ka daw. Sinabi din ng speaker kailangan din magsinungaling ng mga miyembro para pumunta kami dito at may sapat na dahilan kung bakit at mas prefer magrecruit at mga produkto na binbenta ay front lang. At huwag ko daw ipagsabi sa iba tungkol sa UNO.

After nang seminar. Pinakausap ko ng klasmeyt ko sa mga ibang member tapos kanya-kanyang kuwento kung paano sila kumita lalo na sa chicks para mauto ako. Eh ako uwing-uwi na sabi ko wala akong perang dala sa susunod na lang. Tsaka ako hinatid ng klasmeyt ko sa bus terminal. Pero sa bus napapaisip ako.

Nakakaduda din ang networking nila. Mabuti ako resourceful kaya pagdating ko agad sa bahay nagresearch ako sa net at doon ko nalaman tungkol sa uno at ano talaga ang MLM. Nang dahil sa pagisisnungaling ng klasmeyt ko sa akin halos nawalan na ako ng tiwala sa kanya.

Ayon sa mga nabasa ako, ang totoong MLM ay produkto talaga ang binebenta at doon kumikita. Puwede magrecruit pero maliit ang komisyon pero hindi kagaya nang ginagawa ng UNO. Mabuti at may isip ako. Wala din ako pagkukunan ng 7.5k alam ko hindi ako pahihiramin ng mga magulang ko. AT bubugbugin ako ng aking nanay kapag sinanla o binenta ko ang aking celfon. Labs ko ang cp ko. hehehe

Anonymous said...

I joined UNO last October 17. I regretted a lot than you did bud. my cousin's power of convincing made me pawn my ring and i told mom the truth back in December 2. I was in a big trouble big time and not only that but i been getting pressure and even last night i was in the office of UNO CEBU i was just only there to get my receipt of my pawned ring which is in the hands of my cousin upline but he was absent and afterwards the other uplines saw me in the office and attended the seminars im like "let me go na oi" so i managed to escape the training and ate dinner outside and i ate with my uno friends (uplines) somewhere cheap and this one guy talked about that he also received his pressure forceful moments telling him to go to the office but they did this just to make the person work hard. HELLO MAN IM TIRED FROM SCHOOL T___T im lazy what do they expect from me a hardworking guy oh cmon! i just wanna go home early like before well i learned my lessons so whoever will prospect me again i'll tell him ok i'll go to your office but after the orientation i'll say no to him LOL! im 98% of quitting UNO tho. who cares if i'm negative (if UNO's are reading this) you know the rule "Some will join, some not, so what? NEXT" and yes not to mention i got a text saying "Rain or shine hatok ta! lets go to the office even there's bagyo" hatok - invite more people. well i'm done with this business i learned from you too bro.. i'll save cebuano gwapo and gwapas not to join this until they can make a network.. Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

please do not make your experience as a whole and afflict it to the company. kase, meron naman talagang nagtatrabaho nang masinsinan eh. di lahat kagaya nang sinasabi mo. totoo nga merong mga memorized speeches and all but depende na talaga yun sa mga nag rerecruit sayo.

eh kung masasabi mo naman lang nga na hindi mo pa time mag.shine. let's see nalang po sa next years. UNO has been here for 6 years na, and have no signs of failing since. so, be negative all you want pare. di mawawala toh.

-UNO member-

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Anonymous said...

I assume you didn't join. That was what, four years ago? Ngayon, sa'yo, anong bago?

With all due respect, you are judging something you have no idea about. Nagorientation ka, may naintindihan ka ba? Wala. Bakit? Kasi ang tumakbo sa isip mo, niloloko ka ng mga tao dun. Malamang sa malamang, yung mga problema mo four years ago, problema mo padin ngayon.
Hindi po sa pag mamayabang, pero ako po ay 17 years old na babae, freelance model, out of school youth, may kaya ang pamilya, nakapagaral sa exclusive school, nakapaglabas na po ako ng MAZDA 3, na hindi humihingi ni singko pambili sa magulang ko. Na hindi naman siguro masamang mangarap na tuparin yung pangarap ko ng hindi naka-asa sa magulang ko. I'm the type who doesn't settle for anything less, dahil maarte, mayabang, at laki ako sa yaman. At hindi ko pinayagan na hanggang dun na lang ako.

I never believed that education can bring you success. Lubos akong naniniwala na ang pagyaman ay prong diskarte. UP Diliman passer po ako, Architecture but di po ako nagaral dun, kasi ayoko lang.

YES, Education is important, extremely. Pero it will not bring you success. WE'RE NOT AGAINST EDUCATION. Part time lang po si uno. Most of us, students na afterschool hobby lang si uno. At kahit pagbali-baligtarin mo ang mundo, hindi ka matuturuan ng teacher mo kung pano yumaman kung miski yung teacher mo, hindi mayaman. Dahil bagay na di mo alam, di mo kayang ituro.

In your case, THE PROBLEM IS NOT IN THE COMPANY. Kahit anong company ka pa, even hindi MLM, wala kang mapapala kung hihintayin mo lang dumating ang pera. Tinatrabaho po ang pera. Kasi hindi naman po pinapangako sa uno na tumunganga ka lang, yayaman ka na e. Edi sana lahat ng tao mayaman na. Marami pong iba't ibang klase ng tao sa uno, di lahat pare-parehas ng kinahihitnan, dahil nakasalalay yun kung pano mo trabahuhin ang negosyo mo. Yun ang basehan kung kikita ka talaga or hindi. We're not liars. We just find a way to make you see our business. No commitment nga e. Ayaw mo, NO BIG DEAL. Gusto mo, pagtulungan natin yan. BuT HAVING A BAD EXPERIENCE DOESN'T GIVE ANY RIGHT TO JuDGE THE WHOLE COMPANY.

MY POINT IS, Don't judge the book by its cover. Punta ka ibang networking companies, makita mo wala silang office. It's either nagrerent sila sa mall or sa building. Evan Manny Pacqiuao kasali samin. Hindi nya naman siguro itataya yung pangalang nya kung SCAM lang kami diba?

You had a bad experience, fine. But that doesn't mean MALI na kagad kami. We're DTI, SEC, BFAD, HALAL, ISO approved. We don't fool people. We help them. It's your choice kung ayaw mong magpatulong.

It's been four years, hindi ka sumali ng uno. I'm a 17 yr old, out of school youth, but my life is an upward spiral. Sayo? Anong meron? Anong bago?

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soriah said...

to the anonymous 17 yr-old "model" above: why are you hiding in anonymity? may i request you show thy face or thy portfolio? the blogger merely relayed his bad experience concerning UNO. and, as far as my observations go, he was being completely sincere. you, on the other hand, have to demand he show his credentials. isn't that a little too unprofessional on your part? methinks you're not properly educated. with the way you slur other people whose opinions do not tally with yours, you strike me as a complete airhead who is in dire need of participating in ETHICS class. you go about defending your UNO as if someone stole a million bucks from you. if it really has made you all that rich, shouldn't you be spending your time doing something more important and worthwhile than to lurk around MLM-busting anecdotal testimonies? the fact that there seems to be a desperate need to assert your so-called success implies that it really needs to be asserted, perhaps because it's hardly even there.


you know what, that has to be the DUMBEST shit i have read in years. a bad brush with a company is what it IS. any company that has a name to take care of ought to secure its reputation because that is the face it shows to people. you reap a bad example and you sow a lousy result. try going to business school, at least, and learn about true marketing, instead of believing yourself to be a real businessman after having attended seminars whose speakers specialize in hypnotizing people who have no professions.

i say this because i personally know someone who works as a "team head" (dunno what that is) sa UNO. judging by his activities, he appears to me a very active member of the company. more than a year ago, he started posting photos of sports cars and condo units, labeling them as his prospect possessions. he then hinted he'd be achieving these within a six-month period. and yet every time i pass by his abode, i see no parked cars nor an improvement in his 2-bedroom flat. in fact, he can't even take his wife and child to vacations. it's been exactly one year, one month and 2 days since he made those proclamations, of eventally woning multiple properties, of achieving great financial success. he's been working for UNO for, imagine, three years and i see no great change in his life. and this is a man who works really hard.

the bottom line is, while it may not be impossible for someone to turn into a millionaire via the MLM way, it certainly is gonna take more than the honest sweat of an ordinary man's brow to do so. perhaps ya have to CON people into jumping onto your boat, exaggerate your successes and give false hopes. and that's NOT scamming? if it isn't, i'd like to know what is. really, tell me.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for a very useful post. I returned to my wife's restaurant today to find her being pressured to join uno-corp. While she was being bored senseless by the saleswoman, I found your webpage and confirmed what I already predicted. It's a pyramid sell. After about another 1/2 hour of high pressure, I lost patience and told the girl (and her friends who had joined her) that we might buy some of their products, but we would never join their pyramid. In my country, this form of sales is illegal. After some weak protests she knew she was rumbled and gave up and left.
Thank you for your post, sincerely!

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Anonymous said...

scam daw eh xD
andami daming tao dun araw-araw tpus scam? xD edi sana pinalibutan na ng pulis ung buong ortigas..

tska anung easy money? walang gnun xD
lahat ng bgay pinaghihirapan kc kung madali lng ang pgyaman edi sana lahat ng tao mayaman xD

bka nga ngiinvest kau tpus di nyo trinabaho..anu kau bata? ngiintay ng baon sa iba?

hirap n hirap kau sa pgiging empleyado di kau ngrereklamo dhil 10k-30k monthly sweldo..pero pg usapang pgyaman ang aarte nyo..
kya mahirap pilipino eh..

lahat ng negative hnggang jan nalang buhay nyo..ipamana nyo ang khirapan sa mga anak nyo..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post! I would also like to point out that the MLM model still has a long way to go. I admit to using MLM products, and we loyally use them for their benefits, and not because of the seller, or the financial gain that we'll have. We didn't get recruited.

Here are my criticisms and suggestions, from a marketing perspective.


1. Selling the product and recruiting to the same person is tricky. From what I know, selling involves identifying consumer segments (a marketing endeavor). Also, getting someone to sell involves identifying salesperson prospects (a human resource endeavor). And the person you're selling it to, might not belong to both. Also, the person selling and recruiting might not have both types of capabilities. If one is to sell and recruit, she/he must be trained to develop sales and HR skills.

2. There is no identification of market segments. Even the most commercial of brands identify their markets, making selling easier. And I don't think identifying family and friends as potential customers and recruits is proper identification. That's an easy way out, as it's based on affiliation and convenience and not on consumer behavior. For example,it would be really harsh to persuade my mom to buy certain supplements if it's in her nature to plant herbs instead and drink herbal tea from her garden.

3. The approach of sales/recruitment agents is not friendly and downright defensive. If a friend or family member declines, a simple "thank you for sharing your time with me" - hindi yung mang-aaway kayo. Understand your prospect/consumer. Your product/business opportunity may not be what he/she needs right now, or ever so respect that. Don't judge their way of life, of not wanting to get rich. Ang pangit makarinig ng guilt trip. Abuso lalo na kung kaibigan o kamag-anak. Wala pa yata akong narinig na ahente ng kotse, condo o med rep na nang-guilt trip ng possible client o duktor. To MLM sales agents, be friendly! You never know how much your defensiveness is allowing you to pass on sales opportunities.

4. It's mostly about the sales agents and how they got richer, not the products. I've to credit one MLM w/c we loyally buy products from (but are not distributors of) - they are pretty product-centric - maganda ung labeling ng products nila, pati ung Unique Selling Proposition tiyaka medyo consistent ang branding.


With regards to marketing the company to prospect distributors, the marketing process is so corny, so financially-based. It doesn't actually talk about a distributor's real needs are, but what the company wants them to think and want. There's no sense of authenticity or genuine want to care about their recruits. Testimonials of getting cars or buying a house are awesome. But I've never heard of stories of how a certain agent's earnings lead him/her to get his dad's sickness cured, or how another agent earned enough to put her siblings through college, or how a person earned enough to build a charity. Those are the things people go through in life. Oo na, yayaman sila sa MLM. Pero para saan? Sa sarili lang? MLM companies have to bank on the true emotions of people - but of course being careful enough not to abuse them for profitability.

Thank you for reading my long comment!

Anonymous said...


This is the blog of the misinformed. Victim ka lang ng bad marketing strategy.

Hirap kasi sa internet, napakadali magblog ang walang alam.

I bet naghihirap ka ngayon. Gusto mo ng susi ng kotse ko? Halika, join ka. Oh wait, wala ka palang 7.3k

Anonymous said...

You can't call this MISINFORMED dahil in the first place ay shine-share lang ng blogger kung ano ang experience niya sa NETWORKING. I've been in the same company for almost 8 months. Sumali ako not because of the 'MALKING KITAAN' but because I have so many friends there. Malaki ang kitaan sa NETWORKING lalo na sa UNO (I came from their main office) kaya lang nagbabago ang ugali ng mga members. Umalis ako do'n because I noticed the sudden changes in my freinds' attitude. Pag nalaman nilang nagwo-work ka, Pagtatawanan ka nila.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


prodigal mole cricket said...

Lol sa mga nag assume na wala akong narating, actually meron. Pero di ko ipagmamayabang kasi gawain un ng mga cheap na tao from UNO gaya ng nasa taas.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, first of all. This is a very well-written article. :)

Naalala ko pala noong College days, I have a friend na nangungutang sa akin para lang maging member siya ng UNO. Dahil sakto lang ang allowance ko para mabuhay habang nasa unibersidad, hindi ko siya napagbigyan. Ayun, medyo hindi naging maganda ang resulta, hindi na kami close tulad ng dati. After 7 years, saka lang ulit kami nag kita, at ayun nasa UNO parin siya. Hindi siya nagrerecruit, kina-career nalang niya ang pagbebenta ng mga products ng UNO...

Minsan naman, nakwento sa akin ng classmate ko yung tungkol sa 'orientation' ng UNO. Yung mga kasabayan daw nila dun sa orientation, lagi daw 'agree ng agree' sa sinasabi nung speaker, at mukhang kating kati na makasali sa UNO. Hindi sumali ung classmate ko, kasi wala rin siyang ganung kalaking pera para makasali... Tapos after a few weeks, nalaman niya na ung 'mga kasabayan nila sa orientation' eh member na pala ng UNO, pinapalabas lang na first time sasali... marketing style pala nila yun para may marecruit sila...

Anonymous said...

Kumusta? Yumaman ka ba?

Anonymous said...

Kumusta? Mayaman ka na? Ilan na kotse mo?

Anonymous said...

Kumusta? Nasa uno ka pa din ba?

Anonymous said...

Each and every MLM is a scam and it is simple to explain why:
If you had a great product that was easy to sell and could make every one selling it rich, how would you spend your time? Selling that product or try to recruit others to sell that product, thus turning them into competitors??
Fact is that no one wants their products so they desperately try to get money by recruiting others and stuffing them with the product.

If someone wants to recruit you, there is a simple question you can ask when they claim it is a sure way to riches: 'OK lend me the money I need to buy in and i wiull return it to you - with interest- when I start raking in money. I bet NONE will lend you the money.

If you think you can be filthy rich by selling whitening soapes and beauty products.. buy them at a wholesaler and start selling them: all the profit is for you and you do not need to 'buy in'

You want to get rich with MLM? start a company yourself and find suckers to give you money

princess joy oyzon said...

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Anonymous said...

outang ina kayo uno....
BOdy and Soul pa kayo.....
Akala nyo nkakatulong pero....
Nakakabwisit lang kayo.......

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hmmm late na ako pero im sure marami pa magread nito.pati ubg mga palusot na "bad practise ng ibang distributor"ay tinitraining na yan ang dapat isagot ngayon.nabasa ko ang post na ito at glad to know na sa clark na branch ang sistem ng uno ganob din pala.pwes sasabihin ko sa inyo sa main office ganun din ang script nila....nasa puno na yan mismo short ang company talaga ang nagtuturo kung ano ang gagawin at sasabihin.main office kana di pa alam ng company ang mga raket na ganyan magkukunwari pa na some distributors lng gumagawa nyan.ang ayaw ko lng sa uno ung magsisinungaling ka.thats why maconclude mo na yung kita at kotse nila pati ang rags to riches na story ay gawa gawa lang di at scripted.anh line na" ang kaklase ko noong highschool yumaman sa ganito"ay gasgas ibang networking company gamit di n yan.worst ginamit ko na din yan. At "isang linggo ko lng kinita 50k" ay gasgas na din.ginagamit ko na din yan sa office tuwing may mag aaproach.alam nila ang group mo kahit hindi mo kilala dahil may coding.isa na dyan ang kulay ng araw ng grupo nyo.although attend nlng kayo ng training at magobserve sa loob kung sakali nakajoin kayo gaya ko.hahaha...

Anonymous said...

Pre totoo lng hindi ka mayaman.identify ko na ang bluff na yan...nasa training natin yan e.FAKE IT UNTIL U MAKE IT.hahaha may mga benebenta ako na may pera lng ang kayang bumili.ung isa kailangan talaga meron ka.kaya ako sumali sa networking dahil maraming prospect dyan.well guess what mali ako.hahahaha hay naku kahit mafkita tayo sa office dyan ng uno wala ka maipagmamalaki sa akin.mababasa na ng mga networkers to.kaya pag may inialok sa inyo kumuha na kayo.lalo na at hindi ito luho....kung hindi lalo lng macoconfirm ng mga readers na wala talagang mga pera ang networkers..

Anonymous said...

Pre alam kong wala kang pera kahit magkita pa tayo at may iaalok ako sayo.ito kayang kumuha ng simpleng empleyado kahit nasa minimum can either pay it monthly quarterly o yearly.hindi oobra na madami kana nito at sampong ganito meron kana.marunong na ako sa ganyang bluff salamat sa training ng mlm nalalaman ko.alam na din ng ibang nanggaling sa uno yan.kaya nga kayo naging kulto diba???ang makakapagcomment lng ng ganyan ay yung nanggaling na sa loob.malay ba ng hindi naging member dyan.ipapamukha ko sayo kung bakit ang mga taga uno ang close minded...hindi sila open sa ibang madami pa.again salamat sa training ng MLM companies tungkol dito.gumaya kayo sa mga member ng royal parekoy..mahinahon pa din pagsumagot sa mga negative bout sa kanila.halatang nakatapos ng pag aaral.kahit ako nakikigaya na din sa ugali nyo ano ba yan....

Anonymous said...

Hello hehehe pareho tayo na member ng networking.hmmm masasabi ko lng iba ang tingin ko sa networking sa ngayon..umiba na ako ng raket...i need people na maraming pera pero di nila alam saan gagamitin.kaya ako nagjoin sa mga networking.and from there malalaman mo na wala silang pera..lalo na ang mga full time doon.dinaig pa sila ng mga nagpaparttime lng ng mlm pero may mga work...

Anonymous said...

Oo wag ka magjoin.mag aral ka muna at magwork.kumuha ka ng insurance pagkatapos.hehehehe peace....

Anonymous said...

Pwede kitang bigyan ng uno products for freee.hehehehehe ung package na nakuha ko.ung lotion amoy off.kaya bumili nlng ako ng tunay na off lotion e.may proteksyon pa sa kagat ng lamok

Anonymous said...

Woooo kotse.kotsehan....alam kong wala kang naiipon kahit isang kusing pare...wala ka ding investment kasi kotse kotsehan agad naisip mo..gamitin mo naman ang bahay at lupa para ipagmayabang.magkano nlng sasakyan ngayon??mag invest ka a stock market and make your money work for you....pagnagkita tayo goal setting tayo personal finance..tapos may ipepresent ako na product sayo.kakagat lng tayo sa kinita mo sa uno.familiar ba ang stategy na ito??salamat sa uno akoy natuto.ngayon ako naman ang may ibebenta sa mga networkers...dyan na tayo magkabukuhan parekoyy...halos lahat hahahah walang pera...ohhh yeahh.ang sakit malaman ng katutuhanan..pero maganda ang training sa networking lalo na sa sales.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha totoong walang mga pera yan sila.hahaha ang kalaban talaga nila nyan ay kapwa nila salesman from a different industry....nagka idea ako about it one time mamentio n ng friend ko nakaencounter sya ng isang team leader daw sa networking company.syempre ininsulto agad ang friend ko kasi malaki ang daw sinasahod sa networking...hindi nya alam agent din ang pinagyayabangan nya e di ang result nagpakitaan ng ATM.hahaha nawalan ng interest ang friend ko bigla dahil kakapiranggot ang laman ng atm.E di AWKWARD MOMENT.hahaha in the end may business pa din sa UNO....dito na ako nagsimulang magbago ng trade since nasa loob na ako ng networking....may mga prospects dun..possible client sa loob.mostly ang kumukuha ung mga naliligaw nila na invites na napapagawi sa mall.pero ung networker mismo naku...walang mga pera..kaya ako i want to join again another networking company.magkukunwari lng akong walang alam.hahayaan ko lng silang ipakita ang yaman nila.saka bebentahan...sadly after knowing na may ibebenta ka lahat tahimik na.hahaha

Anonymous said...

Sabi ko na nga ba e.madami na akong forum na nabasa iisang mga tao ang may mga gawa ng same comments.andito na naman sina kiyosaki at bill gates.hehehe

Sa company may limit ang pag recruit..tapos yun pinagkaibahan.may hangganan..
Sa company pagkatapos mo mahire may fix ka na salary alam mo matatanggap uno pangarap mo lng ang alam mo...

Sa company hiring ang tawag...kahit ang company nakabalandra na sa name na recruitment agency....hiring pa din ang tawag sa uno kahit wala sa name ang recruitment lagi pa din itong nakadikit dito haha.
At saka gazillion times ko na din nababasa ang close minded na yan.e alam natin wala ka namng ibang alam na investment hindi mo nga lam ang mga libro nni kiyosaki e.hindi naman networking yun..kung nabasa mo ang libro nya bakit ka pa bibili ng doodads..ohhh search google nasa libro ni kiyosaki yan.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha the keyword here is may kaya ang pamilya..100 percent sure parents ang bumili ng sasakyan.kagaya din yan ng friend ko wakekeke.oh my Gosh same model ng sasakyan...pag medyo malaki ang pondo ford expedition.alam ko kung bakit mazda 3 hahaha.yumaman ka man dahil mayaman na kayo sure wala kapa bahay at lupa...ano ba yan galing ako uno naku..yung mga raket na pa din pala ako until now hehehe.wala lng ako nirerecruit papasok sa uno.ung nirerecruit ko ung taga uno...ano ba todo iwas basta may offer.hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hahaha magkita tayo sa office ng uno.ililibre kita ng dinner.alam ko hindi kapa kumakain e.tanungin moko kung magkano kinita ko last wik?50k kinita ko last week.hahaha mahihirap tao dun sa office pare.pati yung sagot mo na "basta kayo yayaman"gasgas na yung"kaklase mo nong highschool na yumaman dahil sa uno"hinihintay ko pa na sasabihin mo.diba ang lupeet?sana sa lahat ng iniimbeta ng mga networking companies dapat magdemand kayo ng snacks!!!at least sana dinner dahil gabi ang umpisa ng event nila dyan.uumagahin kayo sa kahihintay ng maglalabas ng sasakyan.puro lingguhan ang kitaan wala man lang magbigay kahit kendi...sabihin sa iimbetahan kung hanggang anong oras sila doon aabutin para man lmg makakain bago pumasok sa office nyo.kasi hindi na sila makakaalis pag andun na.ito lng sana pare ipaalam nyo man lng sa guest para makakain..gugutumin nyo pa sila doon e.buti kung ako mag iinvite sa kanila sigurado pakakainin ko pa.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha hahahay...ikaw din alam ko wala pera.suggestion ko lng sa sana sa training...gumawa naman ng bagong line..2014 na ngayon ito pa din naririnig 2014 na ngayon.5 years na ngayon sa dami dami na ng blog na nakita ko at nabasa na yumaman ni wala man lng magpakape sa office.suggestion ko lng magpalagay ng vending machine.para ung may mga pera na guest dun nlng bumili.hahaha.ung style na magpapakita ng wallet na madaming pera??madami pera pero hindi pa kumakain hahaha...pumunta ka sa robinson.may iaalok ako sayo ito investment para sa sarili mo sakali may kinita ka sa uno...ililibre kita ng pagkain pati guest mo na madadala sa uno ideretso mo na sa akin din para di ka mapahiya at makakain pa kayo.irereimburse ko lng sa office ginastos wag ka mag alala hindi ko din naman kayang araw arawin yan.may limit din...mas maganda kung ang madala mo ung mga professional at may work..ok lng din pag student..pero kape lng ang bigay ko sa saka kahit di na you magpakilala ako nlng aaproach sayo.makikilala ko taga uno e.mukhang gutom na gutom kasi.hehehe business lng din tayo pare kapag may pera ka may ioofer lng ako sayo pag wala namn pakakainin naman kita e.hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Hahaha tama hindi nila pera un.ung isang ka group ko ganon ang style..hahaha subukan mong alukin ng bahay at lupa.todo atras hindi ka nila mainvite sa uno hahaha...

Anonymous said...

Urrrrr hahaha pipac approve???? E yung pipac recognize ng who???dito lng ba yan sa pinas?????hahahaha lalo akong hindi kukuha..approve lng pala sa atin..buti at nalaman ko...gagawa ako ng inumin galing sa ihi ng kalabaw at ipapa pipac approve ko maghintay ka.errrrrr

Anonymous said...

Hahaha poor ka sigurado at nagkukunwaring mayaman?im sure di kapa nakakain.kilala ko mga taga uno.ganyan umasta.alam ko training yan e.hahaha... hayysss kung babalikan ko ang mga nakaraan..haha natatawa nalng ako sa mga sinasabi namin pare...ngayon wala na ako doon pero hinahanap ko ang mga kasama ko na kasabayan hoping na nandun pa sila at nagkapera na.kasi magpapalibre ako at may ioofer addtional investment.
Let me guess not interested????then for sure walang pera ito...talking about being open minded...hahaha nagagamit ko din naman ang training ng uno e.dito ko malalaman ang puro satsat lng..wala kang ipagmamayabang sa akin..

Anonymous said...

Hahaha isa pang poor ito na nagpapanggap..malalaman ko talaga ang mga poor dito..mgdagdag ka ng house naman..ilan na ba house??dagdagan mo ay sus.sasakyan gusto mo magdagdag??meron din..nako basta pre pag meron kana.ung totoo ha.mag comment ka lng dito at check ko to paminsan minsan..syempre pangit na ung ako mismo magtransact sayo kaya friend ko nlng padadala ko...or hindi na friend basta kakilala ko.mahirap na kasi e matawa lng ako nakakahiya naman sa iyo.kasi para kana nyang daga na hindi alam ang pagtataguan pag nakaharap mo kapwa mo sales e.hahaha

Anonymous said...

Pare ano ba yan????sa akin ka magtraining tuturuan kita ng PLAY NOW WITH PAY BUY FROM ME LATER.ok ba sayo yan??hindi ka namn siguro luge dyan.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha wala silang kinita pre...kulang na kulang ang kita nila sa pagkain hindi nga ako malibre sa pamasahe sa dyip...ako nga nagpakain sa upline ko niong bday nya e.sabi ko magimbeta ka ng friends mo may konting presentation lng ako upline.gamtin mo na din ung bday mo.kahit sabihin mo ikaw nanlibre kahit pera ko.marereimburse ko naman sa company e.hahaha nakakatuwa talaga ang networkers.pero ayos yan bilib ako sa recruitment nila.hindi lng pwede ang style nila sa ibang industry kasi bawal na bawal talaga ang style nila.wala kasi silang lisensya na mawawala pag nilabag nila un e.kaya ganyan ang mga yan.isang way para maiwasan sana ang modus na yan ay bigyan ng companya naman yan.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Maghanap ka ng ibang linya na gagamitin sa pag depensa sa networking.ALAM MO BA ANG FIRST QUADRANT??? malalaking artista ang endorser nito...kris aquino at iba pa.if remembr ko john loyd cruz caludine mo lng sa ang founder nito nagtayo ulit ng new networking ngayong generation.hehehe cguro may natutunan sya sa maling system dati pero ngayon binago na nya at inimprove.pero ang point dito hindi porket inendorse ni manny ay maganda na.binabaayaran sila..wait bakit ko ba ponapalowanag to e alam nyo naman yan...or hindi???haha

Anonymous said...

Errrr hahaha gusto mo meet tayo pare?kumusta naman ang laman ng bank account mo??utang na loob susi ng kotse mo????ano to lokohan???pwede akong magpagawa ng sangkatutak na susi sa mr quickie ungas..bakit hindi kotse ang ibigay mo sa akin kasama ang susi???ang sinasabi mo recognise ko as part ng strategy ng isang networker..galing din ako dyan pare pero now may pangontra na ako dyan.kotse lang ipagmamayabang mo pa???ito hindi bet pero sure na ikaw ang naghihirap..gusto mong kumuha ng house and lot sa akin??para may tunay na ipagmamayabang ka.kahit lait laitin mo na isa akong mahirap ok lng basta kumuha ka..luluhod ako sayo kakainin ko pride ko.pero pag puro satsat ka nakoh hahaha.wait may insurance kana ba??for asset protection din ang insurance.lalo na pag milyones ang kinikita mo sa networking.wait may pera kaba talaga or magsasayang lang ako ng laway sa mga kagaya mo na experience ko ha.hahaha...may pa join join pa ako sa networking wala din pala mga pera mga tao dun haha..

Anonymous said...

Hehehe tama ang sinasabi ni anonymous feb 26 2014 1041 am.kung ano sinasabi nya totoo yun.dadagdagan ko na din.ung mga bagong invites kunwari ipapakilala kayo sa isang upline tapos tatanungin ng nag invite sayo si upline kung magkano kinita nya in a week.sasabihin ni upline 20k.hahaha natatawa ako una bilib na bilib ako dito.pero ingatvdito.hindi totoo ito.ang totoo si upline wala pang kinain maghapon yan.nalilibang ako sa scenario na ito.buong araw ang dialogue na ito.hahaha

Anonymous said...

hey, JASON PAUL LAXAMANA. I respect your opinions and reactions toward the UNO company but i can say that UNO is NOT a SCAM. They give opportunity to those who are WILLING TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES for their LIFE, it means they are willing to help individuals not just for their own sake.

I just want to make a comment on your blog.
---how would you know that it was so difficult if you haven't experienced any of it.?
,you are just listening to them but you didn't know what truly happens.

---they are just trying to help you, cause one day you may regret your loss.
it is not their loss if you won't join, it is yours.
and we are not trying hard to CONVINCE a person, A person convince itself.

BY THE WAY, bakit magpapautang ang member ng uno, eh kung sila nga nagsimula lang din sa WALA then PINAGHIRAPAN nila yung pang'invest nila. Kailangan din paghirapan kung willing talaga silang gawin ang uno.
AND sa paggawa palang ng paraan sa panginvest dun na makikita yung COMMITMENT na kailangan sa isang member, they should be willing to do whatever it takes.

Anonymous said...

i respect all your opinions towards UNO, but i cannot accept all the false statements about uno.
hindi kasalanan ng UNO kung walang nangyari sa pag join mo, and by the way, wag niyong generally isisi lahat sa uno, pati members, products, top earners and kahit san. Hindi porke walang nangyari sa pagjoin mo ay mahirap na, siguro it means its not yet the right time.

Kasi ako i am VERY THANKFUL sa UNO, kahit na hindi pa ganon kalaki yung kinikita ko, i know naman na magiging successful ako and like the others. "Success comes to those who patiently WAIT"

Anonymous said...

have you ever heard about the global profit sharing na meron sa uno???
think about it, san kayo nakakita ng company na namimigay ng shares sa members??
sa SOBRANG GANDA NG UNO COMPANY, and thanks to the owners, kaysa sa kanila yung buong kita ng company, they gave some percents and shares to the executive members.

Anonymous said...

P7000 lang pala, barya lang yan sa mga kumikita na sa UNO. Simple lang kung
P7000 na pang umpisa ng Negosyo MO ay wala ka o hindi mo kayang gawan ng paraan, hindi ka talaga dapat sa UNO o kahit saan MLM Company. Mag trabaho ka na lang buong buhay mo dahil sa attitude mo hanggang empleyado ka na lang. Good Luck pag tanda mo.

Blogger said...

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Anonymous said...

Tama. Mga employee minded kasi sila eh. Hanggang konsumo nlng sila aasa. Kakaawa sila. Entire lives nila working as employee. Sadlife.

Anonymous said...

Its 2017 and nabasa ko pa tong basurang blog na to. What total waste of time. Tang ina sayang lang data ng internet ko kung ito lang mababasa ko. Fuck you kung sino kang blogger ka. Magsulat ka ng ganito kung mas mayaman ka pa sa amin. Tsaka kumusta bulsa mo? Pa regards mo nlng ako sa butas mong pitaka. Gong gong.

Anonymous said...

Maalala ko nung college ako..

M7ntik n ako di makagraduate dahil dito, ang lakas ng mga convinsing powers ng tao dito. Muntik ko na ipang registration fee yung pang trition ko dito eh. Buti nalang talaga di ko ginawa. Ending.... GRADUATE NA AKO, EARNING SMALL AMOUNT BEING A GOVERMENT EMPLOYEE. Habang yung Friend ko na payaman daw at wag na wag daw akong uutang pag yumaman sya, kung ano ano na ang travahong pinapasok... Ahente ng condo, townhous at kung ano ano pa, nag ofw na din at kung ano ano pang trabaho.. Pero sa totoo lang Di naman sya yumaman sa UNO na yan kahit na lafi syang may award na isa sa pinaka masipag maginvite ����


Anonymous said...

Sa dami ng kilala kong angpamember dito, wala ni isa mang yumaman...

Anonymous said...

Yumaman kanaba???

Employee minded here, Earning small but hardearned..

Sapat at di labis, pero walang binolang tao.