Alben meng manyaman, boy!

February 24, 2007

My Kapampangan digital short film

Finally, I was able to submit a DVD copy of my Kapampangan short digital film, titled Anak ning Kapri (The Spawn of the Kapri) to the Media Arts Division of the Cultural Center of the Philippines for the Cinemalaya Film Festival 2007.

Cacarug cung baguia. I hope we make it to the top ten. We'll know in two months' time. Here are some screen captures.

The upcoming issue of Singsing magazine of the Center for Kapampangan Studies will have a short writeup on Anak ning Kapri.


Mekeni's Land said...

Looking forward to your 1st film. I've seen the initial scenes and I am intrigued.

Rafael said...

Ako rin, gusto ko rin mapanood. Jason Paul Laxamana, Broad Comm student ka rin ba sa UP? Ako rin.
Humahanga ako sa iyong advocacy - sa pagpapanatili ng isang aspeto ng kultura. Pero hindi ba mahirap kung maraming languages ang gagamitin ng media at government?

Jason Paul Laxamana said...

^ no I'm not a BroadComm student. I'm a Broadcomm dropout because I don't like our curriculum. I'm shifting to anthropology.

Regarding your question: then you admit yourself that having different languages is difficult. Do you now see how it is hard for a Kapampangan like me to be exposed in three separate languages at birth: Tagalog, Kapampangan, English? Not to mention the other ones like Mexican telenovelas and Japanese anime?

It is difficult. So, I am pro-Charter Change. Yes to Federalism. It will allow cultural groups self-ruled with their own official language. Do read my February post titled "Why I Think National Language is BS."

Anonymous said...

wish you luck, dude.
i wanna get a copy.


Philwebservices said... those photos...keep on posting...