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February 21, 2007

Vocabulary words for 'Atin Ku Pung Singsing'

You all remember how it was during your elementary days in your subject Filipino. Then, in high school, we were made to read Ibong Adarna, Noli Me Tangere, and El Filibusterismo. When we encounter words that seem strange to us youngsters, teachers make a list of vocabulary words to help us understand the text and to enrich our vocabulary.

So let's do some vocabulary word listing for the most popular Kapampangan folk song: Atin Ku Pung Singsing to widen our Kapampangan vocabulary.

(The following words are in K-orthography.)

timpukan - jewelled
iti - p. this; unlike ini, it includes the person being spoken to, e.g. ing singsing a ini (this ring), ing singsing a iti (this ring [which belongs to the two of us])
indu - n. mother
sangkan - adv. neatly, properly, carefully
sukal ning lub - fig. heartache
banua - n. heaven, sky
kalulu - adj. poor
manginu - v. to worship, from root word ginu, or lord

Bonus: ArtiSta. Rita performance of the song with a different, Broadway touch.

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