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April 29, 2007

Invitation to join KAMARU Online

Click keni to join KAMARU Online!

KAMARU Online (the e-group) is a cyber club of patriotic Kapampangan Youth who hold dear the cultural heritage and language of the Kapampangans and strive for Kapampangan literacy both in writing, reading, and speaking, and using Kapampangan perspective in producing new Kapampangan art.

KAMARU members bravely accept the responsibility of being involved and active in the cultural and linguistic revival of the Kapampangan nation.

The ugliest trait a Kapampangan kid could have as a Filipino is losing his roots and native cultural identity in the fast-materializing global village.

What do we do?

1 - Study the Kapampangan language, Kapampangan history and cultural heritage, and everything else Kapampangan - culinary art, folk art, literature, etc.

2 - Produce new, modern, and young Kapampangan artworks that are competent enough to represent our homeland locally, nationally, and internationally.

3 - Invite other people to join in our cause of promoting Kapampangan to the youth and representing the Kapampangan race in the global village.

To YOUNG KAPAMPANGAN ARTISTS: If you're an artist (writer, musician, filmmaker, comic book maker, actor, etc.), KAMARU may serve as a support group (promotions, man work, contacts, suggestions, and financial aid, if available) as long as your work is Kapampangan-inspired.



(NOTE: This is just the online club. There is a real club which you might be interested to join. Contact if you're interested)

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