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July 4, 2007

The Guardians of Bunduk Arayat

There are a number of tales regarding the Kapampangan deity Sinukuan, but in contradicting versions, making it impossible to determine whether Sinukuan was male ("brother" of Namalyari) or female ("Maria" Sinukuan), good or bad (sorcerer), old or young, father (father of different daughters) or son (of Kargon Kargon), etc. The consistent trait though is that Bunduk Arayat is his/her abode.

In one of the versions of the story, Sinukuan has five servants, each with a superpower. For that, I adopted them and plan to include them in my comic book story concept Kalam. I made them Talapagbante ning Bunduk Arayat (Guardians of Mount Arayat) and their task basically is to ward off unwanted hostilities away from the mystic mountain.

Their looks are my own concepts, but the characters themselves and their abilities are based from actual Kapampangan mythology.

PUNTA PUNTING: an archer who hardly misses his targets
KURAN KURIN: the fastest runner (thus, can leap in great distances, too)
MIRAN MIRON: she who has telescopic eyes
SUPLA SUPLING: respiration can summon violent winds (tempest, tornadoes, and typhoon)
KARGON KARGON: excels in physical endurance and power; can lift objects several times his body weight

I am currently collaborating with Amiel Perez (Valedictorian of Holy Family Academy, HS batch 2003) in making Kalam a comic book reality. And yes, the Animax Awards 2007 regional level results will be revealed late July.

(For the uninformed: I submitted Kalam as my entry in the contest; if it wins in the international level, it will be turned into one anime episode.)

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