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September 16, 2007

Kapampangan bands to begin recording next week

The Holy Angel University Center for Kapampangan Studies and Kalalangan Kamaru are producing RocKapampangan, an album of 17 Kapampangan rock/alternative songs by 17 Kapampangan bands.

The project is being pursued to empower the Kapampangan language by bringing it to the world of modern music, which the young generation can listen to and which the radio stations in the balen could play without perceiving Kapampangan music as "folk."

Next week, two bands are set to record their songs. They are Neophytes (to do the Japanese period guerilla song Katatagan King Pamakilaban [Strength in Resistance]) and Silence (to do Indung Balayan [Mother Land]).

The following videos are their footages of their rehearsals:

Musikang Kapampangan Para karing Kapampangan King amanung Kapampangan!


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Anonymous said...

yeah! you rock neophytes!

alex r. castro said...

Clap-clap! Another boost for musikang K!

A_Glimpse_Of_Pinpin said...

Is this already out of the Market?