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September 11, 2007

Words: Tugtug vs Tigtig

I've been hanging out lately with people from our neighborhood in Angeles City -- something which I never did since Fourth Grade, those days when I and my cousin Ejay used to go out to the Villa Angela Centennial Park to play with kids we never knew. That we did right after the late afternoon anime shows like Gundam Wing.

Since I got to know these people through the RocKapampangan project, they're all musically oriented people, and being the sociologist, observation has always been my habit.

One thing that got my attention is their use of the Kapampangan word tugtug to mean "to play," as in to play a musical instrument. Back when I was still ignorant of my Amanung Sisuan, I used to employ that, too, probably due to Tagalog's influence.

But actually, the correct word would have to be tigtig, as in Tigtigan Terakan King Dalan.

Like a transparent wall that hit my head, I suddenly remembered what tugtug actually means in Kapampangan, and realized how misused it is in our generation: to pour water into, like the Tagalog dilig.

Haven't our Ima commanded us, "Tugtugan mo ring tanaman king arap bale"?

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