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March 3, 2008

The Taksyapo Wall

Protesters took it out on fun wall

Arroyo image on streamer bears brunt of anger
By Alcuin Papa
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 22:26:00 03/01/2008

ANTI-GOVERNMENT protesters found a new way to express their disgust with the present administration during last Friday's rally in Makati. They set up a "taksyapo" wall and plastered it with faces of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her allies, much to the amusement of the demonstrators and bystanders.

"Taksyapo" is an old Kapampangan cuss word used when a person is angry. A restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac, took the word to a new level when it set up a "taksyapo" wall where customers can relieve their anger and stress by hurling plates at the wall.

But the "taksyapo" wall in last Friday's rally was actually just a tarpaulin poster tied to a flimsy bamboo frame. But to the angry protesters, it was good enough and became an instant hit.

Dubbed "Trapo Taksyapo," the wall was set up by members of a militant group behind the rally stage.

At first protesters were hesitant to hurl anything at the "Trapo Taskshapo" wall and were content to gawk at the poster which featured a smirking President Arroyo prominently in the middle, and pictures of "trapos," a slang contraction of the words traditional politician" which also means "rag."

That was until one protester hurled an empty plastic water bottle at the poster, hitting the image of the President smack in the middle.

The feat earned lusty cheers form the protesters. Then the fun began.

Taking the cue, other protesters started to hurl water bottles, crumpled paper and carton boxes, eliciting laughter and hearty cheers from the crowd.

Some of the bottles missed the target. Thankfully, no one standing behind the poster was hit.

Some protesters came up to the "wall" and started slapping and hitting the picture of the President.

One protester, obviously a fan of action star and former presidential candidate Fernando Poe Jr., imitated the action star's trademark rapid-fire punching style, complete with a double slap on the ears of the "opponent." This also elicited cheers and laughter.

When the flimsy bamboo frame eventually collapsed because of the abuse, protesters let out another lusty cheer and started stomping on the poster.

"Buhay ka pa! (You're still alive)," one male protester screamed as he put his foot down on the image of Ms Arroyo.

The mood turned serious for a while when the militants spotted ZTE whistle-blower Joey de Venecia III. "NorthRail, NorthRail," the protesters chanted, in reference to the alleged involvement of De Venecia's father, former Speaker Jose de Venecia, in another controversial deal.

The poster's frame was eventually repaired and the "taksyapo" fun started all over again.

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