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June 11, 2008

Congratulations, 'Kalam' auditions finalists

Congratulations! In no particular order, these are the applicants whom Kalalangan Kamaru had selected to move on to the second, final screening on June 14 (Saturday) at the Center for Kapampangan Studies, Holy Angel University, Angeles City (calltime: 1 PM).

To the finalists, prepare to give your all during the final screening! Confidence, acting skills, and so-called X, or this time, K-factor (Kapampangan factor!).

[no picture]
Nigel Laxamana

[no picture]
Edith Chu

[no picture]
Reachel Mucho

KC Aldana

[no picture]
Maikka Rustia

Aaron Christian Rivera

Shayne Fontillas

Peter Danganan

Frency Rodriguez

Aries Yap

Jayvie Dizon

Bor Ocampo

Nicolette Henson

Dennis Dizon

Jeramie Mendoza

If an applicant is not chosen, it doesn't mean he's bad. Of course, we are also taking into account factors such as: schedule flexibility, command of the Kapampangan language, and most importantly, if they match the descriptions of the characters we have in mind.

If an applicant is not chosen as part of the main cast, several supporting roles are still waiting to be occupied, and he might just fit in any of those.

As much as we would like to make everyone happy (since we are pleased that a lot of Kapampangans responded to this "call of Indung Kapampangan") by giving them a break in local show business, we, as of the moment, cannot easily make it happen, as we are still in the early, exploratory stage of television drama production.

But eventually, we'll get there, and take part in the thriving global cultural industry.

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