Alben meng manyaman, boy!

June 8, 2008

Guagua lad in Pinoy Idol

I was informed that one of the male candidates (and considered by many as the best vocalist among the men) in GMA-7's Pinoy Idol is a Kapampangan from Guagua.

He's none other than Elizalde Camaya, or as his screen name goes, Kid Camaya!

Watch him use his suave RnB voice in this video:

To vote for Kid Camaya:

Text IDOL KID and send to the following numbers:

367- smart and talk and text
2344- globe/touch mobile/suncellular

cost is PHP2.50 per vote.


eyron said...

atin mu naman kapampangan karing babai, taga-apalit ya. akalingwan kemu nanu ya lagyu, ikit kemu kasi ing poster nyang mipalabas ku apalit :p

Anonymous said...

ali ya pu taga-Guagua i Kid. Taga-Floridablanca ya pu.