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June 26, 2007

Folk song: Maring, Maring

Most Philippine folk songs, Kapampangan or not, are either nonsensical or just too deep and philosophical to fathom. Here is the lyrics to one of these bizarre folk songs, Maring, Maring.

Maring, Maring, migising ka
[Maring, Maring, wake up]
Sangle kang nasing marimla
[And fry the cold rice]
O'rian na ring mariposa
[Here comes the big butterflies]
Sisipsip lang sampagita
[They suck sampaguita nectar]
Sampagitang laput laput
[Sampaguita in accordion]
Sigarilyung pakasinup
[Cigarette kept in place]
Kutang ku pa karing ayup
[Might as well ask the birds]
Ayup, ayup, kuyug, kuyug
[Birds, birds, buddies, buddies]
Kutang ku pa karing asan
[Might as well ask the fish]
Asan, asan, malinamnam
[Fish, fish, so delicious]
Kutang ku pa karing itu
[Might as well ask the catfish]
Itu, itu, palatitu
[Catfish, catfish, platelet]

If you want to have an idea on how this song goes, you may view ArtiSta. Rita's performance of it by going keni. You are also free to interpret it if you desire.

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