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June 17, 2007

People's comments on KALAM

As you might have read, I joined the Animax Awards Pan-Asia Competition where people send in stories they wish to be animated. If you win, you get loads of cash which amounts close to P1 million and your material gets animated by Japanese people.

My entry is an action-fantasy one inspired by Kapampangan mythology and, well, developing country issues. The title is Kalam, or "blessing" in English, and is centered on a war between day and night deities, Apung Sinukuan and Apung Namalyari.

In one of the forums where participants share a bit of their stories, I shared mine--and I've gotten the best reviews so far! I'm so excited. I'm not expecting but I am excited. It makes me want to pursue it in comics more.

Here are some comments by otakus (anime fans) from across Asia:

"sisigiman, yours sounds cool and the way you did it. It's really 'philipinish' well whatever I mean"

"now that's a winning entry!!! goodluck!!!... again i feel small"

"very creative!!! THIS STORY WILL SEpARATE GODS FROM MEN...i wanna see your story on screen...i am intrigued...i am fan haha..."

"That's a good piece sisigman. I am a kapampangan too. Mine is a scif-fi set in 6010. Philippines became a First World (URP) and is leading the space age and conquered Ganymede, the largest moon of Jupiter."

(A person talking to another person) "so far "Kalam guy" has the depth im looking for ... GOD-LIKE!!! ... im still a fan haha ... so what's your story about ... does your story has a depth and intellect just like Kalam's ... if so, then im your fan too..."

"The Kalam story kinda reminds me of Mushishi, which btw was never shown on animax (don't expect it to) but its still pretty good nonetheless."
('Mushishi' is an award-winning anime)

Seriously, I think I'm going impatient with my skill development in drawing. Any manga artist there who would want to collaborate?

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