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June 6, 2007

Random familiar Kapampangan words

There are certain Kapampangan words which are very familiar to me (and my younger relatives), yet they seldom find their way in our vocabulary. Like for example, when I ask myself, "what's the other Kapampangan word for [word]?" I would say aua ne! (oh yeah!) when I find out the answer.

I'll post some of these words.

tambing - at once

Karatang mu kanan mu nong tambing.
Once you get home, eat them at once.

saglulu - race (as in a competition)

Saglulu katang makapamiblas.
Let's find out who dresses up faster.

sigi - to move

Sigi me pakayli.
Move it to the left.

mipaindatun - to become peaceful; to kill restlessness

Ali ya mipaindatun uling kasal ne bukas.
He is restless because it's his wedding tomorrow.

totek - (informal) having psychiatric problem

Totek ya naman pala ing kayabe yu.
Your housemaid is sort of crazy after all.

bungad - front

Akit me king bungad ning bale.
You'll see it in front of the house.

ngusngus - to swallow, to take in

Ngusngus kang Vitamin C.
Take some Vitamin C.

tunggalan - one each

Tunggalan lang pialungan.
Each of them has one toy.

salingku - to make a turn or curve

Salingku kang kayli bang miras ka bale mi.
Turn left to get to our house.

marirya - jealous

Marirya ya kanaku kasi masalapi ku.
He's jealous of me because I'm wealthy.

tisti - to criticize

Atna kang kapanisti.
You love to criticize.

mangasna - to be full of, to be covered with

Lon me ing malan mu, mengasna yang toyu.
Look at your shirt; it's stained with soysauce.

kasdan - expression, "malay mo" or "who knows?"

Kasdan mu aku pa ing manyambut.
Who knows? I might win in the end.

talip - to peel

Patalip mo ring kamuti kang Ness.
Ask Ness to peel the yam.

ungus - to overtake, to be in a higher level, to be ahead

Buri nang pane ya ing makayungus.
He always wants to be ahead of everyone.

mabaya - aching

Mabaya ku dungus.
My stomach is aching.

tau - to put on fire

Patau na ka mong api mang makanangnang ta na.
Start some fire so we can start grilling.

tuklu - to step on

Ali ke buring tutuklu king sular ku.
I don't want him stepping in my territory.

kabasa - of the same wavelength, person one is chummy with

Ika na mu ing manyad; kabasa mu ne man.
You go and ask him; you're close after all.

salsal - to fall on the butt

Atne karine iniang mengapasalsal ya.
He was humiliated when he fell on his butt.

sumangid - side

Adua pa, misusumangid.
There's still space for two people, one on each side.

misanipan - to cough because of swallowing, wrong breathing, etc.

Ali ku manguku; misanipan ku mu.
I don't have cough; something was just stuck in my chest.

gigut - to nibble, to eat in bits

Sali kang mani bang atin tang gigigutan kabang manenaya.
Buy peanuts so we'll have something to nibble while waiting.

gugu - to apply something on the scalp, like shampoo

Mikatagyauat ku iniang minggugu kung coconut oil.
I got pimples when I shampooed my hair with coconut oil.

More next time.


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