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February 17, 2009

The 1st Cinekabalen Philippine Film Festival

Makiabe na ka!

It is time for the Kapampangans to participate in the next wave of Philippine Cinema by holding its first ever Kapampangan Film Festival! The Cinekabalen Philippine Film Festival will be an annual event that will aim:

• To make people, especially Kapampangans, aware of the existence of Philippine Kapampangan cinema and to celebrate the capability of Kapampangans to make films
• To encourage Kapampangans, especially students, to make films that tackle the Kapampangan experience
• To promote the patronization of the Kapampangan language for aspiring filmmakers
• To hone the skills of aspiring Kapampangan student filmmakers through seminars, lectures, and workshop
• Provide a venue for aspiring competent filmmakers to showcase their work/s
• To organize a cooperative film community or network among the Kapampangans, especially universities with communication courses

The highlights of the festival will be: 1) the screening of Philippine Kapampangan full-length films, short films, music videos, and documentaries; 2) panel discussions on indie filmmaking; and 3) a short film competition.

Rules and mechanics of the short film competition:

- everyone is allowed to join (no age limit), except members of the core organizing committee

- animated entries are also allowed

- no music videos, only narratives

- no limit of number of entries

- dialogues must mainly be in Kapampangan

- setting of the story does not necessarily have to be in Pampanga or other Kapampangan-speaking regions like Tarlac and Bataan

- film must have English subtitles

- strictly 10-20 minutes in length

- in digital format (submit final work in playable DVD)

- any topic is allowed

- extreme violence and obscenity and unnecessary abuse of foul language are discouraged

- use of copyrighted music is not allowed

- deadline of entries (final DVD, registration form) will be on July 31; they must be shipped or submitted in person to the Juan D. Nepomuceno Center for Kapampangan Studies, Holy Angel University, Angeles City

- 8 to 10 finalists will be chosen (depending on the quantity of submissions) to compete in the festival; prizes are at stake for the top three best short films; special awards (best male performer, best editing, best screenplay, etc.) will also be given

Inquiries: text JASON @ 0918 699 2459 or email


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