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February 9, 2009

Kapampangan tries Ateneo Video Open 10

Kalalangan Kamaru tried to join in the annual Ateneo Video Open (AVO), since I am still a college undergrad. We entered four of our Kapampangan works in three categories:

Balangingi (Nosebleed) - Short Narrative category
Ing Bangkeru (The Boatman) - Short Narrative category
Sexmoan Adventures - Documentary category
Alang Anggang Sugat - Music Video category

All these are viewable on YouTube.

Out of the four entries that we submitted, only one was fortunate enough to be deemed "finalist worthy" by the Loyola Film Circle of Ateneo De Manila University: Sexmoan Adventures.

I am not quite sure of what AVO is looking for, and I sometimes scratch my head thinking why some of our entries, especially the music video, didn't make it as finalist when you take a look via YouTube the chosen finalists. Maybe we just love our works too much, or maybe beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder. But sociologically speaking, since it's a contest and they're the screeners, we would have to accept their judgment—at least for the AVO. It's their contest anyway.

On the bright side, Sexmoan Adventures, a Kapampangan documentary, made it to the finals and we are delighted. However, knowing the entry An Pasko Ni Tinyo by a fellow Iskolar Ng Bayan, I have already told my fellow Kamaru members that I am personally seceding to that fine piece of craft, which has already garnered the Best Thesis title in UP, Best Student Docu in the Catholic Mass Media Awards, and second prize in CCP's Gawad Alternatibo.

Documentary and Experimental finalists will be screened on February 13 at ADMU. We'll try to be there just to live the spirit of friendly competition. Although really, we expect to come home empty-handed (in some other year, oh sweet cash prize and trophy!).

Never mind that we spent P400 for the reg fee of the four entries (P100 each). Never mind that we had two batches of shipping to Ateneo from Pampanga worth P450 (P225 each). Not to mention the DVDs (three copies per entry, so all in all, 12 DVDs were purchased). That's a total of about P1,000 in participating in this contest (an amount which I can earn in one week, thanks to my twice-a-week journalistic stint in a local newspaper)!

Our sole fulfillment is the capability of a Kapampangan work to stand side by side with other finalists.

Good luck to all the finalists!

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