Alben meng manyaman, boy!

February 24, 2009

"Ding Musa Ning Minalin" documentary

Kalalangan Kamaru presents its second Kapampangan documentary titled Ding Musa Ning Minalin (The Muses of Minalin). Made in a non-traditional no-commentary format, the documentary seeks to present to the world this unique happening in the quiet town of Minalin every New Year's Day.

For Minalenyos, New Year's Day is not just about firecrackers and noise barrages. It's also about real men dressed in gowns. Watch the documentary here:

Director, Editor: Diego Marx Dobles
Exec Prod, Subtitles: Jason Paul Laxamana
Camera: Dobles, Laxamana
Prod Assts: Bevs Esguerra, Thea Lelay
Local Coordinator: Jon Juico

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