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March 14, 2007

Central Luzon Television

There's this new TV station called CLTV. I got the following information from the Laus Group website:

Central Luzon Television (CLTV 36) is a regional free TV broadcasting over Channel 36. Owned and operated by the Central Luzon Broadcasting Corporation (formerly Radioworld Broadcasting Corp.), the station is located at the CGIC Building, San Fernando-Olongapo Highway, City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

It is duly licensed by the National Telecommunications Commission under Permit No. BSD-0064-2007 dated January 10, 2007. Republic Act 8219 enacted by Congress on September 12, 1997 granted a franchise to the corporation to operate a radio and television network. CLTV 36 is the realization of this franchise with the expansion of operation into television broadcasting.

Virtually a young media company, CLTV36 focuses on a centralized media coverage, starting off with Pampanga and the provinces of Central Luzon or Region III. These provinces include Nueva Ecija, Bulacan, Bataan, Tarlac, Zambales and the latest addition to the region, the province of Aurora.

CLTV 36 programming is more into public affairs and current issues, news and information, as well as a substantial amount of features on provincial cultures, events and entertainment.

Like any other station, CLTV36 aspires for continued growth and progress, in terms of quality programming, bringing to the people of Central Luzon in-depth, accurate and up to date news and public affairs and social issues.

Modern broadcasting equipment and technologies assures the public of clear and pleasant television viewing. END

It is awesome that Region III is having a TV station of its own (for the longest time, we only have had cable channels that put SMS chatrooms in music video channels, where various "clans" and "gangs," not to mention, the vain teenagers, post endlessly).

This broadcasting machine is one example of a "cultural entrepreneur," which seeks to balance culture promotion and money. But the question again is: will CLTV show respect to the Kapampangan people by giving our language some significance in its broadcast?

According to someone who was able to view their news, the reporters spoke in Tagalog (big surprise, huh?). However, the interviews in Pampanga were in Kapampangan. Is it a good sign? Or is it just limited to that?

We know it is unfair to ask for full Kapampangan shows, as Region III is composed of Kapampangan-, Tagalog-, Ilocano-, Aeta-, and Zambal-speaking people. But we'd like to see more. Right now, since CLTV is just starting, we'll just have to keep our eyes on their shows. Probably, if demand calls for it, they would produce Kapampangan stuff. (Hey, I can then apply!)

If CLTV fails us, maybe we'll try ABS-CBN. I keep on seeing this signboard in Telabastagan which reads "ABS-CBN Pampanga Channel 46." Will it be a language killer? We'll find out when it comes.

Speaking of Kapampangan production, I'll be running an informal short travel magazine show via YouTube, called Meto Kapampangan. It will, on the side, attempt to widen the vocabulary of Kapampangans my age, My name in YouTube is sisigman by the way.

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