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March 19, 2007

Kapampangan YouTube magazine show

Mayap a kabengian!

I have uploaded the first episode of this Kapampangan magazine show on YouTube. The title of the show is Meto Kapampangan (literally All The Kapampangan, but if official translation be necessary, I call it Everything Kapampangan in English).

The show is nothing deep, as my resources are limited to travel (I use the same old miniDV), but I hope you'll discover and learn a lot. Or better yet, be inspired. In this show, you'll read Kapampangan words, know Kapampangan fast facts, see Kapampangan places, meet Kapampangan people, hear Kapampangan songs, learn the Kapampangan language a bit, at nung nanunanu pa.

The first episode is Ding pa-relax-relax a damulag Candaba (The lethargic water buffalos of Candaba) which narrates my February amateur visit to Candaba.

Oh yeah, the link: click keni. I'll keep you posted on the future episodes. Watch out for: Crissotan at the University of the Assumption, ArtiSta. Rita's Siwala the Musical, and the behind-the-scenes footages of my short digital film Anak Ning Kapri.

Aren't the houses beautiful? Let's see if this rice plain would indeed turn into a lake as folks claim. The reason why the houses have stilts is the fact that during rainy season, the parang is flooded making it seem like a lake. So, the good old ortelanu (farmers) become fishermen! No wonder each residence has a personal banca.

Now that's raw river action.

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