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March 12, 2007

Separation from homeland within the country

Makagising ku pa mu rin...

It's two in the morning and I'm still up, trying to form the synopsis and sequence breakdown of this screenplay I plan to submit to a digital movie competition. Its working title is Balas (Sand). Those who will be admitted will be provided funding in turning their respective screenplays into full-blown digital films.

It's a bit complicated though because the competition sort of neglects the fact that there are issues of separation from homeland within the country itself, like province people trying their luck in NCR or poor mothers applying as maids in cities.

The competition seems to be searching for the out-of-the-country type of separation in the screenplays, like fathers toiling in the Middle East or ladies doing Japayuki work. Nevertheless, I'm sticking to my story, in spite of its local scope. If they accept it, then great. If they don't (on the basis of mine being not about an out-of-country character/s), no surprise.

Anyway, I'm repeatedly listening to another fabulous song by ArtiSta. Rita to draw emotion and inspiration in completing my work. Its title is Pamanuli (Homecoming), the carrier single of the group's debut CD. It was composed by the group's founder himself, Mr. Andy Alviz.

I've read that the song was personal, Alviz having been uprooted from Pampanga at the age of 12 and returning home only several years after. Sometimes, the song sends me to teary-eyed mode (probably due to guilt) because I share the same sentiment as that of the song.

Here is the lyrics of the song and the rough English translation. Click Pamanuli on my Podomatic on your right to listen to the song. To avail their Kapampangan CDs and other stuff online, contact



Nanu ing kakung pa'intunan kng kanakung kabiliyan
[What am I searching for in my life]
O't e ku ayasam ing eganaganang kaburian
[Why can't I seem to find everything I desire]
O't nanu't dintang ka king biye ku't sinalbag kang kule?
[Then when you came in my life, colors burst]
Ding abak a maranun, asno sala, makasese
[Early mornings became very bright and gentle]


Nung nu karin mengaparas, ikuang mengalampas-lampas
[Been to countless journeys, passed by a lot of places]
Atiyu ka pala keni kng lele, kakung matimyas
[Never noticed that you were just by my side, my dear]
Tutu kaya ini? Bala ku metung kang paninap
[Can this be real? I thought you were just a dream]
Tuki mu ku't tayiran, miyabe ka ta kng aldong mayap
[Take me with you and hold my hand, let's face the day together]


Ika ing kanakung dalan
[You are my path]
Ika ing kanakung sikanan
[You are my strength]
Kng pangalili, ika ing pamanuli
[In being astray, you are my homecoming]
Ika ing sala ning kanakung biye
[You are the light of my life]

Pasibayuan ing II at Koru


Ala na sanang angganan
[Let it not end]
Ining kakung panamdaman
[This feeling I have]
Akakit ke ing banua keka
[I see heaven in you]
Aslag ka king lulam
[Sunlight through rain clouds]
Mipasno ya ing kakung mauang pilubluban
[My confusions and longings have all been resolved]

Pasibayuan ing koru 2x

Ika ing dalan
[You are the path]
Ika ing sikanan
[You are strength]
Ika ing pamanuli
[You lead home]
Ika ing biye
[You are life]

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